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Swing Combination is one of Cammy's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter 6.

Classic Arcade-Button-HPunch>Arcade-Button-HKick
Modern Modern Auto+Modern H>Modern Auto+Modern H


"A series of attacks, the first and second of which can be canceled into special moves."
Street Fighter 6

Cammy delivering a knee strike to Chun-Li using Swing Combination.

Executed by Heavy Punch, followed by Heavy Kick (or pressing Auto and Heavy Attack simultaneously twice for Modern Control), Cammy pulls her arms back with her fingers interlocked, before turning her shoulders and swinging her fists at her opponent like a club. If the first move connects, Cammy then jumps toward her opponent and delivers a knee strike to the that knocks them into the air if it hits. Cammy finishes the combo by delivering a spinning heel kick to send them tumbling to the ground.


Swing Combination

Cammy delivering a spinning heel kick to Chun-Li using Swing Combination.

This is one of Cammy's target combos. One of Cammy's main strengths is she has a variety of strong and useful normals she can use to counterpoke or whiff punish her opponent. Swing Combination gives her more potential with her Standing Heavy Punch. In Street Fighter 6, Cammy slightly slides forward when delivering her Standing Heavy Punch; thus extending the range and making it a powerful attack to use in the midrange. If the first attack connects against the opponent, she can cancel into a number of her special moves such as Spiral Arrow, or Cannon Spike. She can also cancel into Quick Spin Knuckle as a safe option.

She can also hit confirm Standing Heavy Punch into Swing Combination. Hitting the opponent with the knee strike puts them in a juggle state. If there is no follow-up input, Cammy continues the combo to kick the opponent away to create separation and push them toward the corner. Cammy can then perform a Drive Rush to maintain pressure on her opponent. She can also cancel the first hit of the target combo into her Cannon Strike for better okizeme. Cancelling in to an OD Cannon Strike allows her cancel into her Aerial Killer Bee Spin or Delta Red Assault. Swing Combination because a strong pressure tool when her opponent is in Burnout. There is a 3-frame gap between her target combo and Cannon Strike, putting her opponent in an inescapable situation.

Cammy can also cancel the second hit of Swing Combination into her special moves such as Spiral Arrow and Cannon Spike. She can also perform a Cancel Drive Rush or her Level 1 Super Art for extra damage and corner carry. This makes Swing Combination a viable tool for Cammy when she is in Burnout. If she is low on Drive Gauge, Cammy can use this target combo to inflict respectable damage without spending any meter while pushing them closer to the corner.