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Taigyaku Mudo (大逆無道 Taigyaku Mudō, "Heinous High Treason" or "Heinous, treacherous, atrocious, diabolic, fiendish, inhuman"?) is Kage's first V-Trigger in Street Fighter V.

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Executed by pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously, Kage widens his stance to amplify the Satsui no Hado within. While this V-Trigger is active, he can perform the Ashura Senku by pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick on the ground or while airborne; allowing him to glide toward or away from his opponent. In addition, his V-Skills Senha Kassatsu and Sekieiken are further enhanced, altering their properties dramatically.


This V-Trigger is 2-bars, making easier for Kage to obtain while taking less damage. It is also possible that he can use his first V-Trigger twice in one round. When this V-Trigger is active, both V-Skills are amplified in different ways. Kage can potentially use Senha Kassatsu from almost fullscreen and still hit his opponent, thanks to the increase in range. Additionally, the uncharged version becomes safe on block and knocks down the opponent. The fully charged version puts Kage at +6 on block. On hit, it puts the opponent in a crumple state, allowing him to extend combos and inflict more damage. Finally, Kage can cancel his V-Skill into his Critical Art while his Taigyaku Mudo is active.

Sekikeken sees other improvements. The attack travels significantly further and cancels from certain EX moves, and grants a juggle into Shoryuken afterwards.

Kage also gains access to Ashura Senku during his first V-Trigger. Kage can use this move to safely glide through projectiles. He can link Ashura Senku from each of his normals, unique attacks, or even his V-Skill. Unlike Akuma's teleport, Kage can use this move to enhance his offense, extend combos, and put his opponent in tricky mix-up situations. While in the air, he can cancel Ashura Senku from EX Airborne Hadoken to perform flashy, yet damaging juggle combos. Performing his teleport consumes about 1/3 of his V-Gauge, meaning that Kage can perform Ashura Senku up to three times before his V-Meter is completely depleted.