E. Honda activating Tajikarao.

Tajikarao is E. Honda's second V-Trigger in Street Fighter V.

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Description[edit | edit source]

E. Honda slamming Cammy into the wall using Iwato Biraki.

Executed by pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously, E. Honda pumps himself up as steam arises from his arms as a symbol of his increase in intensity of his sumo prowess. By pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick during while this V-Trigger is active, E. Honda performs the Iwato Biraki, a running command grab. If this move connects while he is more than halfway across the stage, E. Honda grabs his opponent by the hips, lifts them off of their feet and hastily carries them toward the corner. If E. Honda is less than halfway across the stage, then he lifts his opponent off of their feet, swings them around to the other side of the stage and carries them toward the corner. Regardless of which corner E. Honda carries them, he finishes the move by violently throwing his opponent against the wall, causing them to bounce off of the wall and land on their stomach.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

E. Honda muscling his opponent to the corner.

Unlike to his second V-Trigger, Tajikarao is 2-bars, which means that E. Honda doesn't have to sacrifice much health to obtain this move. It is also possible that he can use his second V-Trigger twice in one round. In addition, E. Honda gains access to a second command throw, which is the Iwato Biraki. While its 28-frame startup is lengthier than other command grabs, he has one-hit of armor during the startup and the first few active frames of this attack. If his opponent tries to interrupt the Iwato Biraki, E. Honda can power through their moves and still punish them while they are recovering.

This command grab is very unique. The Iwato Biraki is an instant way to put his opponent into the corner, regardless of where E. Honda is positioned on the stage. It can be used raw or as part of a combo from his normal, unique attacks, or his Hundred Hand Slap. The damage output is the same as his Medium Sumo Smash. It also inflicts the same amount of stun as his EX Sumo Headbutt. However, connecting with Iwato Biraki gives E. Honda tremendous okizeme. Not only does this move carry his opponent into the corner, but it also prevents them to back rise. This allows him to maintain offensive pressure by going for a meaty normal, such his Chikara-Ashi.

Because it's a command grab, this move cannot be blocked. While his Iwato Biraki improves his wake-up game, E. Honda can be vulnerable if this move whiffs his opponent. However, it has less recovery frames than his Oicho Throw. Using Iwato Biraki consumes about half of E. Honda’s V-Gauge, regardless if it hits or misses. This means that he can only use this command throw no more than two times before his V-Meter is completely depleted.

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