I think that potential move list is absolutely wrong. If Go were to appear, he wouldn't use Saikyo, since that was a fighting style invented by his son after his death.

That image of him launching a HadokenEdit
HavocReaper Attack me if you dare, I will crush you!! — 00:04, September 16, 2010 (UTC)
Is that fan-made? Has Gou made an official in-game, fully playable appearance where he launches Hadokens? (or Gadoken whatever it's called)?

yes it is fan made. he has never made a playable appearence in any game. DARK PRINCE 00:07, September 16, 2010 (UTC)

but why muay thai? Edit

why do people keep saying Gou doe's muay thai its not officially stated so its uncessary to put it there.

Gou Hibiki Saikyo clarifications and more Edit

Go starts a dojo with Dan as evidenced here in my scans of Street Fighter Legends Chun Li


In the comic it is referred to as "later at the hibiki dojo" So this implies Gou & a young Dan have a dojo it doesnt not state 'saikyo'

The official name of the Dojo is 'Hibiki Go Dojo' and it has just been opened during Street Fighter Legends Chun-Li (Dan polishing the sign of the Dojo & the visible 'Now Open' evidence the fact that the Hibiki Go Dojo is new.

Dan talks about things picking up implying

"Show them what the Hibiki school is made of, Dad!"

Direct quote from Dan definitely not Saikyo at this point.

Gou appears to use a move very similar to a Danku to take Sagat's eye. I guess Saikyo was in the embryonic stages.

I get all this stuff from the Street Fighter Legends Chun Li comic and analysing. Hopefully Street Fighter has more planned for the Hibikis.

Go Hibiki Gallery Edit

Can someone make a Go Hibiki gallery and add my scans... I dont know how.

Some stuff needs possible a rename/recaption or maybe even a crop just to get Go, thanks












Go Hibiki's only known move other than dan throwing him and him shooting a laser out of his nose is the Jun Koku Satsu. It is apparently the opposite of the shun goku satsu.

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