There is a controversy within SF fans as since the SF4 series female characters have had on average less health than the men. Here are some points.

There has never been (at least in the SF4 era) a female with more than 1000HP

In fact female characters are usually below 1000HP

A low point hit in SFXT 2013 where all female characters regardless of playstyle were brought below 1000HP. This popularized the term "capcom girl health" in the community.

HP value debates mostly exist for female characers in terms of balancing (Male examples exist too but are rare, while Guile and Dhalsim do usually have lowered health the community never considers characters like Ryu and Ken while they do for characters like Ibuki and Chun Li).

As far as I remember only 2 characters reached the fabled 1000 HP mark as of SFV.

Justifications from the community involve:

It is more realistic, Females lack bone density and endurance compared to men IRL.

Female characters usually have more fit to purpose movesets to their male characters thus the lower HP is usually needed (IE Laura has higher mobility than Zangief while still being a grappler so it justifys her average 1000 HP while he gets above average HP, or While Guy and Ibuki are mobile ninjas Ibuki has more ways to work around projectiles than guy so it justifys her lower HP).

There are more points but I am considering trying to present these in an unbiased manner.

AtomicDropped (talk) 21:22, November 19, 2018 (UTC)

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