The SF and FF characters birthdates at Capcom DatabaseEdit

I have a question about the birthdates of the Street Fighter and Final Fight characters over at Capcom Database. It has to do with the year they were born in according to that wikia site.

Here is all the SF and FF characters with birth years that I could find there.

Ryu - 1964

Ken - 1965

Chun-li - 1968

Guile - 1960

Cammy - 1974

T. Hawk - 1959

Birdie - 1962

Eagle - 1953

Adon - 1962

Sagat - 1955

Balrog - 1968

Blanka - 1966

Dhalsim - 1952

E. Honda - 1960

M. Bison - 1954

Vega - 1967

Zangief - 1956

Dee Jay - 1965

Fei Long - 1969

Charlie - 1961

Dan - 1967

Guy - 1965

Rose - 1967

Sodom - 1960

Cody - 1965

Rolento - 1956

R. Mika - 1969

Juli - 1972

Juni - 1973

Maki - 1968

Poison - 1968

Hagger - 1943

Hugo - 1964

Dudley - 1959

Elena - 1981

Nerco - 1968

Oro - 1860

Sean - 1980

Makoto - 1983

Abel - 1965

C. Viper - 1967

Rufus - 1963

What I want to know is if there is an official source for these years or if its just something Capcom Database made up, because I haven't seen these birthyears anywhere else. 15:03, September 26, 2012 (UTC)

The only official birth years Capcom Japan made public were up to Super Street Fighter II. After that, they stopped giving those out. I do know that Sakura is a year older than Cammy, so you can infer what her birth year is. I know for a fact with Juli is that there is NO source on this 1972 year from the Udon Street Fighter World Warrior Encyclopedia! She doesn't have a birthdate at all! The best you can imply is that her birthday is in July but that's not even confirmed either.

It looks like Capcom Database made up the majority of them and then stated those years as fact.

SilverEyedJackal (talk) 16:17, September 26, 2012 (UTC)SilverEyedJackal

Alright, thanks a lot! 16:24, September 26, 2012 (UTC)

Hey, no prob! I get my information from Vasili's translations on the Shoryuken Warriors Fate and Appendix threads and the Street Fighter Plot Canon Guide over at GameFaqs (also maintained by Vasili). That guy is awesome! It seems like all the storyline information comes from Japanese sources. I'm just more inclined to believe him because he can read and write (and translate) Japanese. I use the Street Fighter World Warrior Encylopedia as a cross-reference to see if what Udon writes also corroborates with what Vasili has translated.

SilverEyedJackal (talk) 17:46, September 26, 2012 (UTC)SilverEyedJackal

Seems SilverEyedJackal is right on the money. Tomoshi Sadamoto, who served as the producer and director for SFIII, even stated that the SF team didn't give the fighters birthdays because they didn't want them to age.-- 09:00, November 15, 2017 (UTC)

SF × All Capcom card game Edit

Sorry if this is old news in here, its the first I heard of it, but an online trading card game named Street Fighter × All Capcom was made for the iOS and Android platforms last year. The game is the successor of Minna to Capcom All Stars, part of Capcom's Minna to series before it was discontinued.

Don't know which SF characters (beside Ryu and Chun-Li of course) appears in the game though.

-- 10:34, March 20, 2014 (UTC)

(This Street Fighter Alpha Series haves all the alpha's together right and it's on a ps2? Is Ingrid a playable character to?) - Ashley Tate

Streets? Edit

The page says that people call Street Fighter, Streets. I have never heard anyone call it that & If I asked anyone if they played Streets they'd be asking me WTF I was talking about. —Preceding unsigned comment added by StarDragonJP (talkcontribs)

I agree, never heard of this 'common abbreviation' for the series either. Just removed it.-- 03:28, August 19, 2015 (UTC)

Second World Warrior Tournament Edit

A lot of people ask the question who won the Second World Warrior Tournament. There are 5 characters who's events during the tournament given on their pages are critical to figuring this out - Ken, Ryu, Sagat, M. Bison/Vega, and Akuma/Gouki.

1. Bison holds the tournament as a plan to get revenge on those who defeated him during the events of SFA3, and presumably to acquire Ryu's body.

2. Ken enters to have a match with Ryu.  If he beats Ryu, he will marry Eliza.  Eliza and Ken are married by the time of SF4.

3. Sagat enters to have a rematch with Ryu.  Upon hearing Ryu has been eliminated, Sagat drops out of the tournament before his next match and finishes "3rd".

4. Eliza flies to Thailand to see Ken, hearing that he has reached a high position in the tournament.  If he is in Thailand, that means he is probably supposed to fight Sagat or Bison.

5. When Sagat hosts the tournament, he only fought once against Ryu, because he managed to defeat all other opponents.  It is presumed Gill does the same, and only fights Alex.  It is reasonable to think Bison will do the same, seeing as he is hosting, and this is all a Shadaloo plot, and not really an attempt to find a worthy opponent like Sagat was doing.  Bison by default will finish 2nd, or 1st.

6. Akuma/Gouki interrupts just before the final match and kills Bison with the Shun Goku Satsu/Raging Demon.  Worthy of note is that the Akuma you fight in game is Shin Akuma and this is relevant.  The only fighter Akuma has ever expressed interest in fighting from SF2 during SF4 and later is Ryu.  If Akuma is fighting at full power, he is fighting somebody he believes could kill him, and will kill if necessary.  Since everyone from SSF2T is alive during SF4, he doesn't kill anybody, and he only seeks to fight Ryu or someone who could kill him, no fight likely ever occurs.

7.  Ken fought Akuma after seeing him kill Gouken, and was defeated easily.

From what I can deduce from this, there are two possibilites as to who was supposed to fight Bison, and only one I can name, Ken.  The other possibility is an unknown fighter.  Now I'm not saying this as because I'm a Ken fanboy, I'm not.  However, there is a a lot that can be determined from Ken's goals in this tournament, and his story in SF4.  Ken has done very well, and Eliza has flown to Thailand.  The final four other than Bison are Ken, Sagat (who has likely gotten through the tournament with very little trouble), and two other unknown fighters, and I'm leaning towards one being Ryu since Sagat drops out and still "finishes 3rd".  Since Ken does marry Eliza and Sagat drops out because he won't get to fight Ryu, Ken very likely beats Ryu.  Now assuming Bison will only fight once, he will finish 2nd if he loses, or 1st if he wins.  However, he is killed by Akuma before his match.  Since Akuma has not actually entered the tournament, Akuma does not place at all.  With Bison dead before the final fight, Bison either finishes 2nd, since he cannot fight, or does not place at all, since he is dead.  This leaves me with multiple scenarios depending on whether Bison is 2nd, or does not place.

1.  Bison places 2nd - Since Sagat places 3rd, dropping out after Ryu is eliminated, this means the last two matches are Sagat vs. the unknown fighter, and Ken vs.Ryu.  Sagat beats his opponent, and expects to fight Ryu.  To his shock, Ken beats Ryu, but Sagat has no desire to fight him and drops out.  Ken gets a bye and moves on to Bison.  Now keep in mind, Akuma defeated Ken easily in the past, after Ken saw him kill Gouken.  Since the Akuma fought is Shin Akuma, and he will be fighting to kill, and he has already beaten Ken in the past and Akuma is there to fight Ryu, he doesn't actually see any of the fights, he only hears about them.  Akuma has heard that the person who will fight Bison uses the same style he does and that Sagat has been eliminated.  Akuma assumes Ryu has won, not Ken and kills Bison before Ken arrives.  When he does arrive, Akuma recognizes him, is disappointed and leaves, since he has beaten Ken easily in the past.  The tournament ends.  The final rankings are 1st - Ken, 2nd - Bison (dead), 3rd - Sagat (quit).

2. Bison being dead causes him not to place, and Ken beats the unknown fighter -  Now using the information Again, final 4 are Ken, Ryu, Sagat, and an unknown fighter.  Ryu and Ken fight before Sagat and his opponent.  Ken defeats Ryu.  Sagat drops out before his match with the unknown fighter.  The unknown fighter fights Ken and loses.  Akuma hears that Sagat has lost, and the winner is an Ansatsuken user.  Akuma is again not actually aware of who won, and knowing Sagat is out, assumes Ryu, not Ken.  Same as above, no fight, but Bison being dead causes him not to place this time.  1st - Ken, 2nd - Unknown, 3rd - Sagat (quit)

3. Bison being dead causes him not to place, and the unknown fighter beats Ken - Again, same as above.  Except Ken loses his fight to the unknown.  Akuma may actually be watching this time, and kills Bison, exactly as it occurs in game, right in front of the opponent.  Now here's where things get interesting and I come up with possibilities of who the unknown may be.  The following characters are stated to have not won, or quit - Dhalsim, Zangief, and T. Hawk.  Again, everyone is alive in SF4, which mean likely no fight occured, since Akuma would be fighting it as a death match.  In order for no fight to occur, that would mean that the person entered with the sole purpose of fighting Bison, and has no interest in fighting once he dies.  There are a few characters who entered with the sole aim of taking down or meeting Bison and no other reason at all.  Guile, Chun-li and Cammy.  In fact, Cammy is stated to have actually spoken to Bison and he revealed her past, which puts her as my front runner.Diseasicon (talk) 05:52, September 12, 2015 (UTC)


--Quick (ut) 16:45, October 7, 2015 (UTC)
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