I don't know if anyone has any story information for Yang beyond what is available for Yun, but if you do feel free to add it. I simply copied over the Story section from Yun as the two characters are nearly identical (except for New Generation where they -are- identical).

~ KhaosKontrol —Preceding unsigned comment added by KhaosKontrol (talkcontribs)

(May 19, 2010, sorry I don't know how to format things like this since I'm new)

Deleted a trivia on Yang (supposedly, he's conceited based on his win poses) since it is untrue. Yang is proven to be more of the quite type, compared to the "loud cocky" type, such as Yun. ~NInJa bReaKa —Preceding unsigned comment added by NInJabReaKa (talkcontribs)

Years of birth[edit source]

The official Capcom website doesn't appear to give any years of birth for any characters (only the month and day), so I'm considering deleting all references to a character's year of birth until people actually start citing sources. I'm currently doing a programming project so I'm too busy right now, but on Tuesday I plan to proceed with deleting all years of birth. Anyone who disagrees, please find an official source that proves in what year a character was born, because at the moment it seems like people are changing it arbitrarily..--Evilsbane 11:01, May 20, 2010 (UTC)

Yun vs Yang[edit source]

Is there any proof. that yun is more prominent than yang? cause i read in many forums, that yun is more prominent. and is there a comparison between the twins, who is the stronger one? 14:53, April 19, 2011 (UTC)

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