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Tanden Combination is one of Seth's unique attacks in Street Fighter V.

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Executed by pressing Medium Punch, Heavy Kick, followed by Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Seth first delivers an upward palm strike to his opponent. If the initial attack connects, he steps forward and delivers an uppercut with his other hand. If the second attack hits the opponent, Seth brings his hands together in front of his abdomen and generates a miniature black hole which sucks the opponent towards him. By pressing any punch button when his opponent is in range, Seth places a hand on their head while thrusting his other hand into their midsection (also known as the tanden) to absorb one of their special attacks.


Even if the first two attacks are blocked, Seth can still perform his first V-Skill. However, like most target combos, Tanden Combination is unsafe on block. If he manages to hit the opponent with the second hit, he can confirm into his first V-Skill to absorb his opponent's special move. This allows him to use his opponent's move as a part of his next combo. If he had already used his Tanden Install previously, then he can use their special attacks to end the Tanden Combination. This also means that this target combo can potentially become safe on block, depending on the character match-up and which special move he performs at the end of combos.