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For the special attack, see Tanden Engine (special attack).
"Show me everything! Install. (すべて お みせる。インストール。 Subete o miseru. Insutōru.?)"
Seth, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

Tanden Engine is Seth's first V-Skill in Street Fighter V.

Tanden Engine Arcade-Button-MPunch+Arcade-Button-MKick
Tanden Install Arcade-Button-MPunch+Arcade-Button-MKick>Arcade Button Punch
Install Art Arcade-Button-MPunch+Arcade-Button-MKick
(After hitting Tanden Install)



Seth using Tanden Install on Cammy to absorb her special moves.

Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Seth brings his hands together in front of his abdomen and generates a miniature black hole which sucks the opponent towards him. By pressing any punch button when his opponent is in range, Seth performs Tanden Install. He places a hand on their head while thrusting his other hand into their midsection (also known as the tanden) to absorb one of their special attacks.

By pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick after the installment, Seth can use Install Art which is performing his opponent's special attacks, depending on the character he absorbs from. Some moves have differing juggle properties to the original moves, allowing them to be used in a wider variety of combo situations. If Seth uses this move in a Mirror Match, then he gains a move called Brutal Impact, a very fast punch that deals 120 damage and sends the opposing Seth flying.

List of Install Art[]

Install Art
Character Special Attack Tanden Ignition
Abigail Abigail Punch
(Mash Arcade Button Punch to increase hits)
Mad Spin
Akira Kiko Kai
(Medium Punch version)
Akuma Sekia Goshoha Titanomachy
Alex Air Stampede Mad Spin
Balrog Turn Punch Titanomachy
Birdie Bull Head Titanomachy
Blanka Rolling Attack Titanomachy
Cammy Spiral Arrow Titanomachy
Charlie Nash Sonic Scythe
(Medium Kick version)
Cyclone Disaster
Chun-Li Hyakuretsukyaku Titanomachy
Cody Zonk Knuckle Titanomachy
Dan Dankukyaku
(Heavy Kick version)
Cyclone Disaster
Dhalsim Yoga Flame Titanomachy
E. Honda Sumo Headbutt Titanomachy
Ed Psycho Upper Mad Spin
F.A.N.G Ryobenda Titanomachy
Falke Psycho Kugel Titanomachy
G G Spin Kick
(Level 2 version)
Cyclone Disaster
Gill Moonsault Knee Drop
(EX version)
Mad Spin
Guile Sonic Boom Titanomachy
Ibuki Kasumi Gake
(Medium Kick version)
Juri Ryodansatsu Cyclone Disaster
Kage Ryusokyaku
(Heavy Kick version)
Karin Kanzuki-Ryu Hokojutsu Seppo
(Press Punch for Tenko)
(Press Downward+Punch for Orochi)
Mad Spin
Ken Shoryuken
(Heavy Punch version)
Mad Spin
Kolin Vanity Step
(Press Punch for Silver Edge)
Laura Thunder Clap
(Hold to charge)
Lucia Fire Spinner Cyclone Disaster
Luke Flash Knuckle
(Medium Punch version)
(Hold to charge)
M. Bison Double Knee Press Cyclone Disaster
Menat Soul Sphere
(Repeat input for Soul Sphere: Ankh)
Mad Spin
Necalli The Disc's Guidance Titanomachy
Oro Jinchuu Watari
(EX version)
Cyclone Disaster
Poison Love Me Tender Cyclone Disaster
R. Mika Flying Peach Cyclone Disaster
Rashid Eagle Spike Titanomachy
Rose Soul Spiral
(Medium Kick version)
Ryu Hadoken Titanomachy
Sagat Tiger Knee Cyclone Disaster
Sakura Shunpukyaku
(Heavy Kick version)
Cyclone Disaster
Seth Brutal Impact Titanomachy
Urien Chariot Tackle Titanomachy
Vega Crimson Terror Cyclone Disaster
Zangief Screw Piledriver N/A
Zeku Old Zeku: Bushin Gram - Teki
Young Zeku: Hozanto
Mad Spin


Unlike the original special attack from Street Fighter IV which dealt no damage by itself, the suction effect of the Tanden Engine V-Skill deals 10 damage, whilst also bringing the opponent closer to Seth. If it hits, Seth can press any punch button to use Tanden Install which deals 54 additional damage and copies one special move from the opponent. This copied move can then be executed by pressing V-Skill again. This gives the move a lot of versatility, depending on the character match-up and the player's own intuition. While Tanden Engine has a lengthy startup, it makes up for it with a long disjointed range that can break armor and being projectile invincible, making it both an anti-fireball tool and effectively a fireball itself.

StreetFighterV 2 13 2020 5 17 55 PM

Seth after a successful V-Skill.

Upon copying, Seth can use the opponent's special move as a part of his combos; though the copied moves are predetermined, they appear to be intended for his advantages in his play style. In a broad summary, his copied attacks are meant for the purpose of setting up or are to be set up, be it for extra damage and okizeme, or against certain zoning characters, he can perform a projectile of his own to control spacing.

For a more detailed analysis, his copied attacks allow him to utilize cornerstone moves crucial to that character's playstyle, and allows for openings for combos of his own and to apply a passive degree of pressure on the opponent as a "secret weapon". Install Arts can be cancelled from special moves, allowing Seth to tack on damage as opposed to ending his combos early. For example, a standing Heavy Punch into Heavy Punch Hecatoncheires links to a Light Punch or Light Kick, which subsequently leads to a Light Punch Hecatoncheires, which then ends with an Install Art if compatible.

If Seth is close enough, he can also forgo the install in favor of using the suction as part of a combo itself. Seth is +3 on normal hit and +5 on counter hit, leading to further combos.


  • Some of the moves Seth can copy were already part of his move=set in the Street Fighter IV series: Sonic Boom (Guile), Shoryuken (Ken), Hyakuretsukyaku (Chun-Li) and Spinning Piledriver (Zangief); he could also perform the Chariot Tackle (Urien) only in OMEGA Mode. Though the moves are now closer to their original user's versions, rather than Seth's unique variants from the previous game. The only past special move he does not regain is the Yoga Teleport, as he gets the Yoga Flame from Dhalsim instead.
  • When Seth steals Ibuki's Kasumi Gake he also uses her unique aesthetic after image when she uses her own version of the attack (as well as when she does other actions such as Dash).
    • Kasumi Gake is also the only move Seth can copy that deals no damage.
  • Zeku is the only character where Seth can copy more than one special move.
  • Gill and Oro are the only characters from whom Seth copies an EX version of a special move.
  • Urien is the only character where Seth copies the move's battle cry as opposed to its name, though both instances are translated differently in English.
  • Necalli is the only character whose copied move is affected by his V-Triggers.
    • If Necalli is in V-Trigger, the V-Trigger version of this move is stolen.
  • Zangief’s Screw Piledriver can be cancelled into combos.
    • It is the only move Seth can copy that has no Tanden Ignition follow up not counting Kasumi Gake as it deals no damage.
  • Some of the special moves Seth copies have him say the name of the move while the original user doesn’t, such as Zangief’s Screw Piledriver.
    • Seth uses the name "Super Headbutt" for Sumo Headbutt, its more accurate Japanese translation.
  • Seth's move on another Seth, Brutal Impact, bears a striking resemblance to Jin Saotome‘s Blodia Punch Hyper Combo from Marvel vs. Capcom.
  • Due to his ability to copy moves, Seth is capable of using various types of energy, such as ki, fire, ice, electricity, poison, Psycho Power and Soul Power.
    • This technically makes him the 2nd character to use poison in attacks after F.A.N.G., the 3rd character to use Soul Power after Rose and Menat, as well as the 3rd character to use ice attacks after Gill and Kolin.
  • If Seth uses this move on a non-playable character (such as Two P during the Barrel Break Bonus Stage, or the Shadaloo Soldiers in Extra Battle Mode) he won't gain a new move. Pressing the V-Skill input after using Install will result in him doing his normal V-Skill again, as if nothing happened.
  • Because Cody's Zonk Knuckle has a longer recovery on whiff than on block, Seth very briefly assumes Cody's stance before quickly shifting to his own should it whiff.


Install Arts[]