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The Tanden Engine (丹田エンジン Tanden Enjin?) is a powerful device developed by S.I.N. to be used in the spare bodies of M. Bison. Seth was intended to be a body like that and as such, he utilized the Tanden Engine.


The machine takes the form of a large sphere adorned with the yin-yang design. Appropriate to its intention, the device is located in the abdomen of these "puppets" and grants them a remarkable amount of power. An extremely advanced form of technology, the device appears to both artificially generate and harness qi in a mechanical manner, and can gather qi in turn, as evidenced by the energy that emanates from Seth's hands when he uses it. Unlike living beings, who can display a variety of colors through their qi, the Tanden Engine appears to utilize only basic or "material" yin/negative and yang/positive qi. Its main purpose is to assimilate the moves of defeated fighters.

Tanden Engine

Seth uses the Tanden Engine to assimilate his defeated opponent's data.

As the power source, the Tanden Engine also serves as the puppets' greatest weakness. In Juri's ending in Super Street Fighter IV, she destroys Seth's Engine by stomping on it, severely weakening him and leaving him to die.

Seth created a miniaturized version of the Tanden Engine, called the Feng Shui Engine, to serve as a replacement for Juri Han's left eye. 

By Street Fighter V, the Tanden Engine has apparently been updated to instantly scan and process the act of copying other's attacks and movements through Seth's newly acquired Doll Unit 0 body. By making contact with the subject's own tanden, their qi is seemingly analyzed and processed into Seth's memory banks for him to utilize their own signature attacks. In gameplay, this works as a V-Skill. However, in exchange for its instant copying, the Tanden Engine is only capable of using a copied move once, requiring a second copy to use the move again.


The Tanden Engine copies and translates the data from other fighters, which allows Seth to mimic the special techniques of other fighters, such as the Shoryuken, the Spinning Piledriver, the Sonic Boom, the Lightning Kicks and Dhalsim's unique ability to stretch his limbs, as well as his Yoga Teleport. In addition, it also allows the user to generate miniature black holes. These are designed to draw the opponent closer. When performing this technique, Seth's skin color turns black, and his eyes turn black with a yellow iris.


The term dantian, or in Japanese, tanden or hara, loosely translated as cinnabar field, elixir of life field, or simply belly, is a term used in qigong and Asian martial arts to refer to the navel area of the body. Within the workings of qi, it is believed that the tanden is the core of the human body from which qi is refined from one's being, and is often used as the base center of gravity from which one's movements must be made from and to analyze one's health in its philosophies.


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