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Tanden Maneuver is Seth's second V-Trigger in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Button-HPunch+Arcade-Button-HKick



Executed by pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously, Seth creates a ball of black and white energy projecting from his index finger and points toward the front to set the orb up in front of him. By pressing any direction and any pressing, Seth controls the energy sphere toward the selected direction. After moving the ball a fourth time, it disappears from the screen. However, pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously before the fourth movement allows him to perform Tanden Explode. Seth spreads his arms out wide to make the orb detonate, sending the opponent upward if it hits.


Unlike his first V-Trigger, Tanden Maneuver is 2-bars. This means that Seth doesn't have to sacrifice a substantial amount of health to obtain this move. While both of his V-Triggers allow Seth to extend combo, Tanden Maneuver can give him a potential mix-up situation.

Once activated, Seth can move the orb up to four times. He can also control the direction of the ball, depending on which directional input is used. This opens up a plethora of combo routes. He can bring the orb, as well as his opponent, toward him to further extend combos. Putting the orb on the ground or in the air launches the opponent and allows Seth to follow up with another attack. Pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick before the fourth movement causes the sphere to explode. The blast radius for this move is quite large as it covers both directions. However, Seth cannot perform the manual Tanden Explode if he moved the orb a fourth time.

Once the orb makes contact with the opponent, it eventually explodes after its usage, leaving the opponent in a grounded stagger. However, Seth can potentially leave the ball on the screen as he goes for a mix-up. After activating his second V-Trigger and controls the orb to bounce on the ground while juggling an airborne opponent, he gives himself a high-low mix-up since they are forced to respect the projectile. He can also cancel his Fatal Rush target combo into Tanden Maneuver. As Seth controls the orb and make it bounce back toward him and his opponent, he can perform Turning Slicer to hit his them into the projectile. Even if they block the entire string of attacks, Seth is rewarded with good frame advantage.

The automatic explosion is also extremely powerful should Seth's opponent use an offensive V-Reversal. Though Seth will still be hit by the attack and in some cases knocked down, the subsequent explosion lets him punish the opponent on hit with a full combo, discouraging them from using it against Tanden Maneuver.

Tanden Maneuver can be a tool against zoning characters. With a solid read or fast reactions, Seth can use his second V-Trigger to neutralize multi-hitting fireballs and begin a damaging combo. This is helpful against characters whose Critical Arts are projectile-based, such as Ryu's and Juri's.