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"See what I'm really made of! Become a part of me! It's over!
(本気を出すとしよう!私とひとつになろうではないか! …終わりだ! Honkiwodasu to shiyou! Watashi to hitotsu ni naroude wanai ka! ...Owarida!?)

The Tanden Stream (丹田ストリーム Tanden Sutoriimu?) is Seth's first Ultra Combo in the Street Fighter IV series.

All appearances Quarter-circle forwardQuarter-circle forward + All 3 punch buttons
Seth 340


Tandem Stream sequence in action.

Executed by performing two quarter-circle forward motions and pressing all three punch buttons, Seth swirls his hands around and then releases an invisible projectile. If the projectile hits the opponent, they are pushed backward.

If the opponent doesn't block, they are sucked into a vortex emanating from the Tanden Engine in Seth's abdomen. Once inside the Tanden Engine, the opponent is swirled around, suffering damage as Seth laughs maniacally. He then fires the opponent out like a missile, and they hit the "fourth wall" of the screen face-first.



  • When Seth KO's his opponent, the Ultra usually ends on a wall "splat" that his opponent hits the boundary, and stays in that position while the announcer says KO. There is a small chance that the wrong frame generates the KO, before the character hits the wall or after they start "bouncing" off the wall where the game could freeze the KO'ed character instead. This usually happens if the game can be lowered below 60FPS when the Ultra would defeat the opponent. The most common scenario where this happens is on the PC version with a low end PC.
  • The move also appears as Seth's Special Attack as a Rival Unit in Project X Zone. The animation starts with Seth hitting the foe with a Hyakuretsukyaku, before starting the Ultra Combo, properly said.



Super Street Fighter 4 - Seth Ultra 1 Tanden Stream

Tanden Stream (Japanese voices).