Tanuki from the ninja village. From left: Half, Kage, Majiri, Buchi, Blue, Cool, Narudo, Kyu, Don-chan, Ran Ran, Senseh, Gusu, Kuma, Kaku, Maru, and Scar

Tanuki (狸, タヌキ or たぬき [tänɯᵝki]?), also known as the Japanese raccoon dog, is a puzzling animal species in the order Carnivora (ネコ目 Neko-moku?), family Canidae (イヌ科 Inu-ka?), genus Nyctereutes (タヌキ属 Tanuki-zoku?) that has been significant in Japanese folklore since ancient times. The legendary tanuki is reputed to be mischievous and jolly, a master of disguise and shapeshifting, but somewhat gullible and absentminded.

In the Street Fighter series, tanuki are common near Ibuki's ninja village, and she has a pet tanuki named Don-chan. The village has a tanuki population of 256.[1]

In Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix, Ibuki throws tanuki statues when using Kasumi Suzaku.

Ibuki tends to have many Tanuki themed aesthetics. Some of these include, Raccoon tails on outfits, Raccoon faces on her weapons (EG Smoke Bomb), and even a scrapped Raccoon outfit.

The most notable of Ibuki's Ninja Village TanukiEdit

  • Half (ハーフ Hāfu?) - A Canadian born tanuki, who is likely half raccoon and half tanuki.
  • Kage (カゲ?) - A full black furred tanuki.
  • Majiri (マジリ?) - A fox that likes to think it's a tanuki.
  • Buchi (ブチ?) - Quick tempered, with flared eye fur.
  • Blue (ブルー Burū?) - Timid tanuki, shy of strangers.
  • Cool (クール Kūru?) - Always levelheaded and calm.
  • Narudo (ナルド?) - Is never calm, with a wily smile and spazzy eyes.
  • Kyu (キュー Kyū?) - Always looking at the sky.
  • Ran Ran (ランラン?) - Tanuki who looks like a panda.
  • Senseh (センセー Sensē?) - Genius of the tanuki.
  • Gusu (グースー Gūsū?) - A tanuki who is always sleeping.
  • Kuma (クマ?) - The biggest of the tanuki.
  • Kaku (カク?) and Maru (マル?) - Tanuki brothers that look nothing alike.
  • Scar (スカー Sukā?) - Tanuki with a surly, menacing appearance, but is kind.


Don-chan (どんちゃん?) is Ibuki's pet tanuki that has been with her since its birth. Don-chan is the only tanuki from the ninja village able to use Ninjutsu. It can be told apart from other tanuki by the cloth wrapped on its tail.

In Ibuki's Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection profile, Don-Chan is said to follow her around just about everywhere. Even appearing in the background in some stages in Street Fighter III: New Generation when Ibuki is fighting.

While Don-Chan isn't shown following Ibuki in more recent games, it is highly implied Don-Chan is still with Ibuki, as he is referenced to by many characters, such as Cammy and Jack X talking about Don as if he was on the area after they defeat Ibuki.

Trivia Edit

  • Don-Chan is the only pet in Street Fighter who constantly appears alongside it's owner in character artwork.
  • Ibuki's Wild Animal costume is a tribute to Don-Chan.
  • Ibuki's Swap Costume in Street Fighter X Tekken is said to have an added Tanuki tail as a reminder of Don-Chan.
  • Don-Chan's tail ribbon is misplaced in his early appearances during the Street Fighter III series, as it is shown with it's tail ribbon at the base of it's tail, while it is shown with it's tail ribbon tied to the end of it's tail in game while Ibuki is battling.
  • A recurring joke from the Tekken cast in Street Fighter X Tekken is their intention to eat Don-Chan, as seen on their win quotes against Ibuki (in Kuma's case, his intention of eating Don-Chan is only seen on Ibuki's win qoute against him).





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