Ibuki Target Combo 10

Target Combo 10 in action

Target Combo 10 is one of Ibuki's Target Combo's in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and it's updates.


Executed by doing her sweep then standing hard kick. Ibuki combos off her sweep with a followup attack. Unlike her Target Combo 8 and Target Combo 6, this attack doesn't provide a Juggle opportunity, but rather an Air Reset.


Due to Ibuki's incredible Knockdown Pressure, primarily with her Cross-up game and air Kunai, the usage of this tactic is rather questionable. Still this attack isn't without merit. Ibuki players should learn to Jump cancel, as jumping, or Super Jumping towards the reset opponent can easily lead to Ibuki being hit by a reversal. Something Ibuki players can usually not afford to get hit by as Ibuki herself is a low health character and needs to be on offense to be effective. 

Jump Canceling into her Command Dash Kasumi Gake, primarily her HK variant, or Neck Breaker, albeit at negative frame data, could give Ibuki reset opportunities. Ibuki can attempt to use mix-ups with Hammer Kick, attempt a throw, try a form of blockstring, or utilize shimmies. All of these tactics can lead to a knockdown, where Ibuki thrives in most matchups. Some problem characters such as Dee Jay, whose reversals are rather well equipped to deal with Ibuki's aerial assault pressure, can be better dealt with by linking her combos into sweep to activate the Target Combo rather than go for the knockdown.


  • This is the only Target Combo Ibuki has in the Street Figther IV series that is absent in Street Fighter X Tekken.
  • While before this Target Combo debuted for Ibuki she had the most Target Combos available in Street Figther IV, this Target Combo gives Ibuki the honor of being the only character with double digit Target Combos.



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