Ibuki Target Combo 1

Target Combo 1 in action

Target Combo 1 is one of Ibuki's Target Combos in the Street Fighter IV series and in Street Fighter X Tekken.



Initiated by her jumping hard punch, Ibuki then follows up with an attack visually similar to her medium kick.This attack must be done in the air and hits twice before landing on the ground. This target combo was removed in Street Fighter V, seemingly having a spiritual successor in Aoji.


This is Ibuki's highest damage arial target combo. It can be used to try and bring out every single bit of damage possible off a guaranteed punish. Her jumping HP does have a significant start up so aiming the initial hit is much harder compared to her two other aerial target combos. Just like her other arial target combos the 2nd hit is not a high attack, so there is no chance of catching the opponent blocking low.

Despite shortcomings this target combo can be useful against reversal happy players. Many players try to use invincible reversals as soon as they block an aerial attack. This target combo fixes that issue by increasing blockstun and allowing Ibuki to continue a blockstring without giving the opponent a chance to interrupt on block.


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