Ibuki Target Combo 2

Target Combo 2 in action

Target Combo 2 is one of Ibuki's Target Combos in the Street Fighter IV series and Street Fighter X Tekken.

Description Edit

Starting off from Ibuki's LP while in the air, she then proceeds to perform her standing HP before landing. In the Street Fighter V series Tobikura shares it's startup.

Tacitcs Edit


Compared to Target Combo 1 Ibuki's LP has a similar hitbox to her standing HP. Her LP starts up much faster and does not have to be used with so much spacing in mind, The followup HP also does more block and hitstun than any of her other aerial target combos, giving you more time to set up a followup counter hit or overhead with her Hammer Kick.

While this target combo is easier and does more stun than Target Combo 1, it does not do the same damage. This Target Combo is more advised to break super armor on characters like Hugo and Zangief in Street Fighter X Tekken.


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