Ibuki Target Combo 6

Ibuki using Target Combo 6 against Ling Xiaoyu in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Target Combo 6 is one of Ibuki's target combos in the Street Fighter III games, Street Fighter IV games, and Street Fighter X Tekken.


Ibuki starts off with the two hits of Target Combo 4, going for a sweep instead. Then doing a character unique property of juggling with a standing hard kick looking attack off her sweep sequence. Ibuki can jump out at the end of the sequence and cancel into specials.



As for the attack itself, it works differently in each game. In IV it provides Ibuki a chance for an air reset off her target combo (or a juggle in Ultra). In Street Fighter X Tekken it provides Ibuki more juggle opportunity with Target Combo 3.

This target combo has the same startup as Target Combo 4, making the player have to decide between the two. Target Combo 4 tends to have more knockdown options with Neck Breaker and Raida.

This target combo shines with it's backup utility. It provides a sweep knockdown if the user ends at the crouching hard kick Ibuki can have better choice of the knockdown positioning rather than Neck Breaker's fixed position. Ibuki's sweep is 6-frame startup in IV and 7-frame in Street Fighter X Tekken. Being able to do a sequence off a 3 frame jab is very useful and simplifies ease.

Ibuki Target Combo 6 OS BD

Ibuki using the very same inputs for Target Combo 6 to catch Christie's Backdash

Looking at the inputs this target combo is good against characters with weak wake-up options as it is also a built in target combo. It's execution is a built in Option Select where if Ibuki uses it on a character's wake-up it will whiff a jab and follow up as a sweep if they backdash and if it is blocked (or connects as a hit) Ibuki will do her full sequence. This is more important in Street Fighter X Tekken where regular input Option Selects are harder due to the Cross Rush system; Having a target combo to fall back on to not activate Cross Rush makes this action much safer.

Trivia Edit

  • Ibuki's target combos make her the only character in SFXT who can combo off her sweep without the "slow sweep" property.


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