Target Combo 7 Ibuki

Target Combo 7 in action

Target Combo 7 Is one of Ibuki's Target Combos in the Street Fighter IV series and in Street Fighter X Tekken.


This Target Combo is started by Ibuki's Reverse Spin Kick then pushing forward and Medium Kick. Ibuki follows up the Revese Spin Kick with an overhead Hammer Kick. This Target Combo has been removed and has a spiritual successor in Sasanaki in which said sequence ends in a similar overhead.



It has to be stated that this Target Combo is not an actual combo and will not link together even if the initial reverse spin kick is a counter hit the moves will not link together. In the SFIV series there is no way to make this Target Combo connect reliably. This Target Combo should be used in sparringly since it can be interupted between hits. The positive aspect of this is that Ibuki is left at a good amount of frame advantage if the opponent fully blocks this sequence and can fully combo off a successful hit.

In Street Fighter X Tekken the Target Combo is a little more useful. While Reverse Spin Kick can not be used to start Cross Rush thanks to it's Unique Attack status Reverse Spin Kick juggles the opponent rather than air reset them. The following Hammer Kick will also juggle the opponent, giving Ibuki the chance to combo off airborne opponents. This can be used on predicted arial tactics and backdashes to fully punish.


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