Target Combo 8 is a Target Combo available to Ibuki in the Street Fighter IV series and in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Description Edit

Ibuki Target Combo 8

Ibuki hitting Ling Xiaoyu with Target Combo 8 in Street Fighter X Tekken.

This attack starts off with Ibuki's close HP, if the opponent is too far her far HP comes out instead, an attack that can not initiate the target combo. Ibuki then proceeds to sweep, similar to Target Combo 6 and then she performs her character unique ability to combo off her sweep. Ibuki can then perform a jump after the attack that is visually similar to her far HK.

Tactics Edit

This is Ibuki's most damaging target combo. Usage of this target combo is recommended for trying to get a KO in the IV series, this is especially true if the player has no meter available. In every game this Target Combo appears in learning to use Jump Cancels is highly recommended.

If Target Combo 4 is Ibuki's most important Target Combo in Street Fighter IV and Shinten in Street Fighter V then this is probably Ibuki's most important in Street Fighter X Tekken. This Target Combo has a semi exclusive ability to synergize well with Cross Rush, as Ibuki is able to choose to finish with this Target Combo rather than a launcher due to the way Target Combos and Cross Rush interacts. this is very important as ending with launcher is very unsafe on block. Ibuki can also choose to vary her endings with a LK jump cancel Tsumuji that is safe against characters without 3 frame normals, or jump away, which works well with her Kunai. On hit Ibuki can Jump Cancel into Kazekiri or any of her other specials (such as HK Tsujumi to tag in her partner), supers, or Cross Rush.

A notable trait is that this can also be started off her far HP coming from a Cross Rush, something that not available with her normal version. This makes Ibuki one of the non Tekken characters who can use Cross Rush freely without having to worry about much retaliation aside from Cross Cancel. It is recommended that Ibuki players learn to jump cancel to maximize options on both hit and block. This makes the opponent's punish attempts be more difficult and in some instances allows Ibuki to punish their punish attempts with her own.


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