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Tatsumaki Gorasen in Street Fighter IV.

The Tatsumaki Go Rasen (竜巻剛螺旋 Tatsumaki Gou Rasen?, "Tornado Strong Spiral") is one of Gouken's special attacks in Super Street Fighter IV.

The Tatsumaki Gorasen appears to be a 'basic' variation of Akuma's Messatsu-Gourasen; the "gou" is written with a different kanji from Akuma's as well.

All appearances (Arcade-Modifier-Air)Arcade Stick QCB + Arcade Button Kick


Tatsumaki Gorasen

Full Sequence.

Executed by performing a quarter-circle backward motion and pressing kick Gouken performs a strong, vertical Tatsumaki; the first hit launches the opponent into the air, and Gouken follows with the subsequent kicks, that last of which launches the opponent away. The number of hits and damage is determined by the kick button pressed. The EX Special version hits the opponent twice per spin for more damage, at a total of eight hits.

In the OMEGA Mode of Ultra Street Fighter IV, the move has be re-tooled, and Gouken will only perform the initial strike; landing this hit will cause him to follow-up with the rest of the move, making it similar to Akuma's Demon Armageddon or Seth's Lightning Kick.


The move functions as an anti-air, similar to Guy's Bushin Senpukyaku; the regular versions feature little-to-no invincibility, leaving the EX version as the preferred anti-air due to its considerable invincibility and large hitbox. The first hit of the EX version also locks the opponent into an animation, removing the risk of a drop-out present in the others, and can be used as a wake up.

All versions of the Tatsumaki Gorasen can be used to end combos, but leave less time for Gouken to move freely than a Senkugoshoha; due to a glitch, certain characters can punish the heavy Tatsumaki on hit[1]. Due to its extreme vulnerability if whiffed or missed, Gorasen is strictly advised to be used as a finisher and "instant" combo upon hit confirm follow up, and with practice to realize the opportunity of a direct normal hit; the attack can reliably build meter if used right. Its initial hit can be Super Canceled and Focus Canceled, especially if blocked, but as such regarding Gouken, efficiency and frugality are key to his play style, and Canceling is best reserved for opening into a Forbidden Shoryuken or Focus Canceling into a Shin Shoryuken if given the chance.



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