Team Battle Mode is a feature first introduced in Ultra Street Fighter IV, where it is known as Elimination. The mode is also featured in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.



Team Battle Mode in Street Fighter V

Team Battle Mode allows local teams of up to five players to fight it out to see which side will come out victorious. This can be selected in the Versus option, which takes the player to another screen allowing them the option to choose either Single or Team Battle. Once Team Battle is selected, the player is prompted with a list of different options to match your desired Team Battle, whether it’s against a team of players or CPU.

  • No. of Team Members – Players can select to have a team of up to five members. Each team, however, must have an equal number of players.
  • Match Format – Players can choose what kind of match is played: Elimination and Best of Series.
    • Elimination – The winner stays on as the teams fight to the last players standing.
    • Best of Series – Each team member matches up against their corresponding opponent until one team wins the majority of the matches. If the number of battles won by each team is even, the result is a draw. Draws can only occur in teams of two or four.
  • Vitality Recover – Players can choose how much vitality the winner recovers after each round. 'Partial' recovers green health and some gray health. 'Partial Green' recovers actual health. Full Recovery gives the character a full health bar.
  • Retain EX Gauge – Allows whether the winner can carry over their EX Gauge into the next round.
  • V-Gauge Advantage – In Elimination, players can determine whether the losing team receives V-Gauge in the next round. Two bars is given for a difference of two fighters, and three for a difference of three or more.
  • Change Order – The losing team can change their character order before the next fight. Selecting 'Random' randomize the order, including who goes first.
  • Throwaway Matches – In Best of Series, players can choose whether to play all the battles, even if the winning team has already been decided.
  • Round Setting – Adjust the number of rounds required to win a game.
  • Match Time Settings – Set the time limit for a round.
  • CPU Difficulty – If playing against the CPU, determine their difficulty.

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