Teleport is a special attack performed by Arkane and F7 in arcade version of the Street Fighter: The Movie game.


Arcade Stick S or Arcade Stick RS+Arcade Button Punch x3 or Arcade Button Kick x3


Executed by pressing either forward, down, then down-forward or backward, down, then down-backward and then pressing either all three punches or all three kicks, Arkane or F7 puts his hands together and teleports to another location. Where he teleports depends on whether the player uses the forward motions or the backward motions, and also by whether the player pressed the three punches or the three kicks.

The teleport can be used to get away from an opponent bearing down on him, to suddenly launch an attack (usually from behind), or perhaps to simply psych out the opponent and keep them guessing. Its use also serves to help fill the Super Gauge.

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