The Tengyo Hadoken is one of Sakura's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Kick
(Changes when holding button)



Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing a kick button, Sakura gathers ki energy into and through her palms. She then thrusts her palms upward, releasing the surging energy wave toward the sky. By pressing and holding the kick button, Sakura charges up her fireball to boost its power.


While her regular Hadoken is used to help Sakura zone out her opponent, she is also equipped with an another projectile that travels upwards in a 45° angle. It is a decent anti-air attack. The long startup requires more of anticipating the opponent's jump-ins, rather than reacting to it. If Sakura is too late to used Tengyo Hadoken, then her opponent can interrupt her projectile before it comes out. However, if the fireball does hit her opponent in the air, it puts them in a juggle state, allowing Sakura to follow-up with Shouoken to end the combo.

The startup, damage, and recovery is the same, regardless of the strength of the punch button pressed. Similar to her Hadoken, this move can be charged to add one additional hit to the projectile. A fully charged Tengyo Hadoken inflicts more damage. It also has a higher juggling potential, which gives Sakura more combo opportunities. Unlike her regular Hadoken, this move whiffs on crouching opponents.

The most effective time to utilize a fully charged Tengyo Hadoken is right after Sakura scores a Crush Counter hit with Furiko Upper. It launches her opponent into the air, which gives her enough time to charge up her fireball for some extra damage. Finally, this move can be cancelled into Sakura's Critical Art.


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