The Tenkukyaku (天空脚 Tenkuukyaku?, Aether Leg) is one of Chun-Li's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter IV. However, it was originally one of her close-standing kick attacks before becoming its own move in later games; it becomes a standalone unique attack in Street Fighter V.

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Description[edit | edit source]


Executed by pressing back and Heavy Kick, Chun-Li will do a high-standing vertical upward heel kick with her leading arm pointing up and her following arm crossed over her head. This very kick is known to be one of Chun-Li's close-standing kick attacks in older games, as well as the launcher finisher for her Hoyokusen Critical Art.

Originally this used to be a followup-only move from her Kintekishu unique move in Street Fighter IV with the Tenkukyaku itself leading into the unique move version of Tenshokyaku. In Street Fighter V however, it is now a standalone unique move.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

This move is one of Chun-Li's anti-air attacks. While it does have a slow startup, Chun-Li it does have decent range, allowing Chun-Li to hit the opponent at a distance. If she successfully hits them with this move, Chun-Li can follow through with mixups or continue the pressure with quick normals. Not to mention that unlike the time when it was one of her close-standing normals, the Tenkukyaku can now be performed of its own accord at any given time.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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