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The Tenpo Kari is Zeku's first V-Skill, in his "Young" form, in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Medium punch+Medium kick



Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Zeku delivers a straight punch toward his opponent. If the attack hits, Once the move connects, Zeku disappears in a cloud of smoke, similar to that of his Shukumyo. He reappears from a cloud of smoke in front of his opponent as Old Zeku. Finally, he delivers a spear hand strike, knocking his opponent back. By pressing and holding forward, Zeku can reappear behind the opponent.


Along with Old Zeku's Fukuro, this allows Zeku to switch between forms while attacking. It is mainly a combo ender that inflicts a respectable amount of damage. Ending combos with Tenpo Kari lets Zeku can change to his older form safely. Additionally, by pressing and holding forward, Zeku can use his V-Skill to escape the corner and reapply pressure back to his opponent. Zeku's V-Skill also builds V-Gauge. After transforming back to his older form, Zeku can continue zoning out his opponent with Bushin Gram - Koku. However, the transformation only occurs on hit. If Tenpo Kari is blocked, Zeku is not only -7, but also remains in his younger form.