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The Tensenrin (天穿輪 Tensenrin?, Sky Puncturing Ring) is one of Juri's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V. It is based on her Senpusha attack from the Street Fighter IV series.

Street Fighter V Shoryuken motion+Arcade Button Punch.png



Executed by performing a "Shoryuken" motion (forward, downward then down-forward) and pressing punch, Juri performs a pinwheel kick toward her opponent or upward, unlike the original Senpusha.


Tensenrin serves primarily as Juri's combo ender. Out of all of Juri's special attacks, this one inflicts the most damage. It creates separation between her opponent, allowing Juri to reset the neutral game and restore Fuharenkyaku attacks. Tensenrin is also considered to be Juri's uppercut, serving as one of her main anti-air attacks. This can be used to neutralize airborne opponents and keep the fight on the ground.

The damage inflicted, distance covered, and properties of this move are determined by the strength of the punch button pressed. The Light version has one spin and hits her opponent twice. While it doesn't result in a knockdown, it leaves Juri -3 on block and +2 on hit. Because of this, Juri can frametrap her opponent or go for a throw after she conditions the opponent to block. She can also fish for Counter or Crush Counter hits for additional damage if they attempt to break the throw.

The Medium version hits her opponent three times and sends Juri into the air slightly, with longer recovery. She also has upper body and throw invincibility during the first few frames of the startup, making this version Juri's primary anti-air tool. The Heavy version hits four times and covers more horizontal distance, but possesses the longest recovery. Despite sharing similar properties of a typical uppercut, the Medium and Heavy versions are not considered to be a true reversal option for Juri. Due to the inconsistencies of the hitboxes of this move, it is possible Juri can trade blows with her opponent, or even be clipped in midair during the active frames of the move.

The EX Special version hits five times and finishes with a overhead kick that floors the foe. This version is Juri's most consistent reversal tool. Because of its full invincible frames at the startup of the move, Juri can use it to take control of the air and keep the fight on the ground. Unfortunately, Juri is vulnerable to her opponent's Crush Counter moves if they manage to block the EX version of this move.