The Tetsuzanko (鉄山靠 Tetsuzankou?, "Iron Mountain Lean"), also known informally as the "Shoulder", is one of Yun's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter III series.

The move is derived from the tieshankao (貼山靠, lit. "Applying Mountain Lean"), a technique used in Hakkyokuken/Bajiquan (八極拳, lit. "Eight Extremes Fist"). It is altered through changing the first hanzi/kanji from 貼 to 鉄 (otherwise, the original Japanese reading would be "Tenzankou", while the pinyin reading would be the same).

All appearances Arcade Stick S + Arcade Button Punch


Executed by performing a Shoryuken motion? and pressing punch, Yun perform a crouching turn-step forward and charge-leans the opponent with back of his shoulder through applying explosive force.


Tetsuzanko hitting Chun-Li in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.

How far the turn-step travels, how much damage the attack does, and how much startup and recovery time the attack requires all depend on the strength of the punch button pressed: light punch turns on the spot and does the least damage, but executes and recovers almost instantaneously; heavy punch travels about two-thirds of the screen and does the most damage, but takes the longest to begin and recover; and medium punch is a balance between the two.

The EX Special version turns faster than light punch, travels the length of the screen, and hits twice for as much damage as the heavy punch version.


HDPVRPRO60 20200709 021944 001

Tetsuzanko in action.

Each version of the attack can allow a projectile to pass safely overhead if timed correctly. The non-launching versions can be used as a pressuring frame trap or as a method of offensive reset, from which a player can either continue the attack (often via an on-hit cancel) or bait further reactions from the opponent. Likewise, the launching versions can also work for juggles.

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