The Dojo of Rindo-Kan, 6:15 AM in 3rd Strike

The Dojo of Rindo-Kan is an aging dojo that Makoto inherited from her father. It is located in the the rural Tosa region of Japan, and acts as her home stage in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. The dojo is the only one known to teach the Rindo-kan Karate style.

Battles using this stage in 3rd Strike take place outside the dojo at 6:15 AM.


The dojo was falling into ruin and neglect at the time of her father's death; her grandfather was getting too weak to maintain it, and her brother, despite being a powerful businessman, was too busy on job trips around Japan to worry about its fall. When Makoto took it upon herself to rejuvenate it, she entered the S.I.N. International Fighting Tournament in order to win the money to pay for renovations. Though she didn't get the money she was hoping for, she was later seen re-tiling the roof during her ending, with her brother and grandfather looking on as she nearly fell off.

At some later stage, the roof was thatched, as can be seen in 3rd Strike. Makoto's exploits during the game's storyline - including a battle against Ryu - causes its popularity to skyrocket, attracting several students.