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For the fictional drug appearing in the Street Fighter II manga, see Doll (drug).
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The Dolls in Street Fighter V

The Dolls (ベガ親衛隊 Bega Shin'eitai?, "Vega Elite Guards") or (ドールズ Dōruzu?) are teenage girls of around 16 years old, who were captured by Shadaloo and brainwashed to be M. Bison's assassins and bodyguards, as revealed by the story of the UDON Street Fighter comicsCammy was a female clone of Bison; however, she was the same age and acted the same way as the others, though it was later revealed that she could control the Psycho Drive.

Except for Cammy, the Dolls' names are based after the months of the year, in their home country's language.


The Dolls are completely loyal to Bison, and act and talk similarly to robots. They were high-ranking members in Shadaloo, only lower than Bison and the other Grand Masters: Balrog, Vega, Sagat, and F.A.N.G.

Originally, the Dolls could not live if Bison died, as the brainwashing had corrupted them to the point where they would have collapsed and died. Eventually, Cammy broke free from Bison's mind control (apparently with help from Dhalsim) and managed to do the same for the others. When Bison appeared, they collectively attacked him. Bison informed Cammy that she was his clone, and that if he died, she and the other Dolls would die as well. Cammy fought against his psychic probing and rescued the Dolls from Bison's control with the Psycho Drive. Cammy led the Dolls out of the Shadaloo base, and then fell unconscious along with the rest of the Dolls in a state of amnesia. Cammy was later found by Vega and taken to the Delta Red HQ.

For a time, it was unknown if the other Dolls survived, but in a trailer for the Super Street Fighter IV OVA, the Dolls were revealed to be alive. They were unconscious, strapped to stretchers and being placed in capsules. Juri beat the Dolls until they were all unconscious and then brought them to Seth for experiments. Seth stated that the Dolls will be killed after they arrived there. As Juri's plane took off with the Dolls, Cammy managed to jump on the plane and fought Juri briefly. Juri was winning easily and ended it by knocking the wind out of Cammy's stomach with her elbow, causing Cammy to back up. Juri then grabbed Juni's capsule and pushed it towards Cammy fiercely. Cammy tried to stop the capsule but it overpowered her and she fell off of the plane with Juni in the snow. Cammy then said that she will never forgive Juri.

Super Street Fighter IV shows that Juli and Juni survive; however, they do not seem to regain their memories. Juli's amnesia becomes so bad that she turns into (as Rose puts it) an "empty shell of a human", as she is unable to speak, smile, or even cry. Juli ends up staying with an elderly couple in the middle of nowhere. Juni is watched over in a hospital by Cammy and her pet cat.

In Cammy's character story, when confronting Juri, she says "I hope you're ready to feel my hands around your neck; I haven't forgotten the sisters of mine you hurt". This is a reference to the rest of the Dolls; unlike Juli and Juni, their fates as of now are ultimately unknown.

Ultra Street Fighter IV reveals that Decapre is also alive, although whether she is being controlled by Shadaloo or S.I.N. remains to be seen.

In Street Fighter V, it was revealed that F.A.N.G was one of the chief engineers of the Dolls project, working behind the scenes to outfit them with upgrades to increase their combat prowess and their connection to Psycho Power. At the end of A Shadow Falls, the Dolls are reunited once again with the exception of März, who appears to sacrifice herself to defeat F.A.N.G. However, F.A.N.G was later shown to have survived the fall, while the other Dolls were saddened by her death afterwards.

At some point, the remnants of Seth's biological brain paired with the body of one of the Dolls, specifically Doll Unit Zero, which resulted in Seth gaining a female body. Unlike the other Dolls, Doll Unit Zero appears to be a fully artificial construct.

List of Dolls[]


Main article: Cammy
Cammy White is a perfect clone of Bison's body in a femme fatale way, where she was a soulless Doll in constant training, sent only to the deadliest and most difficult of missions. She made her first appearance in Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers.


Main article: Juli
Juli is one of the four playable members of the Dolls; she first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3 as a sub-boss alongside Juni in a "dramatic battle" in the arcade version prior to the fight against M. Bison, and was made a default playable character in the home versions. Juli is assigned to track down Cammy, with her partner Juni assigned to track down Ryu. Her name is German for July.

Juli's history is slightly extended in the home versions, with the addition of T. Hawk to the cast. In T. Hawk's storyline, he searches for a missing girl from the Thunderfoot tribe named Julia. Julia is revealed to have become Juli, who was kidnapped by Shadaloo and brainwashed into an assassin. The designers of the home versions originally intended for Noembelu (a non-playable member of the Dolls) to be the girl that T. Hawk searches for, but Juli was used for this role instead.

The UDON Comics continuity works both Juli and Noembelu into T. Hawk's backstory, explaining that Julia was once the daughter of a German doctor who had been living and assisting the Thunderfoot tribe for some years, with Noembelu adopting her role from the Alpha series.


Main article: Juni
Juni also appears as a sub-boss alongside Juli in the arcade version of Alpha 3. She became playable in the console ports, where she is assigned to track down Ryu, and her partner Juli is assigned to track down Cammy. Her name is German for June.

Juni's attacks in particular are mostly based upon Cammy's appearance in the Vs. series, including an aerial version of Spiral Arrow and a version of push-blocking called "Psycho Shield". In the American instruction booklet for Alpha 3, Juni's Spiral Arrow and Cannon Spike were named (seemingly erroneously) as Psycho Crusher and Psycho Shot, respectively.


Main article: Decapre
Originally from Russia, Decapre's appearance resembles Cammy with a black mask. Her face is burned on the left side. Like Vega, Decapre uses claws in hand-to-hand combat, except shorter and in both hands. Her name is derived from the Russian word for December, Dekabr (декабрь). Ultra Street Fighter IV is her fighting game debut and instead of using a claw, she uses Psycho Power infused daggers as a weapon.

Unplayable Dolls[]

The rest of the members include:

  • Enero (エネーロ Enēro?, January) - Originally from Spain, she specializes in communications carrying a megaphone with her. Her hair is pink.
  • Février (フェヴリエ Fevurie?, February) - Originally from France, she specializes in using firearms. Her hair is pink like Enero but shorter in Alpha 3, orange in the SSFIV OVA, and brown in SFV.
  • März (メルツ Merutsu?, March) - Originally from Germany, she specializes in information and recon using her laptop. Her hair is purple.
  • Aprile (アプリーレ Apurīre?, April) - Originally from Italy, she specializes in skills as a medic. She has a younger brother named Maggio (マッジオ Majjio?), the Italian word for May. Her hair is red in Alpha 3 and SFV, however in the SSFIV OVA, its pink.
  • Satsuki (サツキ Satsuki?, May) - Originally from Japan, she specializes in sword fighting. Her name is the archaic Japanese name of May (皐月). Her hair is brown. In the Udon comics she was spotted and captured by Cammy, recognizing Cammy by her former Shadaloo code name "Killer Bee".
  • Santamu (サンタム Santamu?, August) - Originally from Ethiopia[1] (initially Vietnam), she specializes in spear fighting and is accompanied by a Golden Lion Tamarin monkey. Her name is derived from the Vietnamese word for August, Tháng Tám. Her hair is black, however in the SSFIV OVA, it seems more brown than black. 
  • Xiayu (ジウユー Jiuyū?, September) - Originally from China, she specializes in using nunchaku. Her name is derived from the Chinese word for September, Jiǔ yuè (九月). Like Jianyu, her hair is black. She seemed to have either gained a mask or some sort of facepaint in Street Fighter V.
  • Jianyu (ヤンユー Yan'yū?, October) - Originally from China, she specializes in using a quarterstaff. Her name is derived from the archaic Chinese word for October, Yáng yuè (陽月). Her hair is black and resembles Tong Pooh from Capcom's Strider series.
  • Noembelu (ノウェンベル Nowenberu?, November) - Originally from Mexico, she specializes in fighting with twin hatchets. Her name was originally "Little Eagle" and she was part of T. Hawk's Thunderfoot tribe. Her hair is brown.

Doll Unit Zero[]

Details on this Doll are sparse, but revealed information suggest that she, or possibly it, was a prototype of some kind. Following the events of the Street Fighter IV series, Unit Zero's body was used to house the salvaged brain of defeated S.I.N. CEO Seth along with a Tanden Engine implanted in the abdomen. This has allowed Seth to return in Street Fighter V's events with a decidedly new feminine appearance, but due to numerous errors that occurred in the integration process between body and mind, Seth now exhibits signs of severe psychosis and delusional behavior.

Apprentice Dolls[]

There are also a multitude of trainee dolls, known as the Apprentice Dolls (ドールズ見習い Dōruzu Minarai?) that have yet to reach the ranks of the above Bison's dolls. The elite amongst them can eventually become proper Dolls. The codenames given to them are the name of flowers in the language of their country, such as Löwenzahn (レーヴェンツァーン? "dandelion" in German). The intermediate and senior Dolls are more combat oriented, the high rank Dolls being stronger then the high rank Shadaloo Soldiers.[2] Low rank Dolls appeared as enemies in Chun-Li ni makase China. Carolyn from Street Fighter: Duel is a Doll with an appearance similar to the low rank dolls.

In Street Fighter 6's World Tour mode, three low rank dolls can be found at the top of the great stairs of the Suval'hal Arena in Nayshall. During the day, a pair named Maple and Copihue can be found there. Free from Shadaloo's brainwashing after the syndicate's fall, Maple ponders on where she should go and how to live her life and is willing to share her knowledge of Shadaloo, but admits her information would be very sparse due to her low rank. She also has misgivings of Delta Red and wishes to avoid them if at all possible.

Copihue has no memories of her time before Shadaloo and seeks to find out who she is. She travels with Maple as she is perhaps the only person that Copihue can relate with and feel comfortable around. She also states that wearing her helmet ironically gives her a sense of comfort and security.

At night, a doll named Changpa stands at the top of the stairs alone. She serves as one of F.A.N.G's agents, sent to monitor and report on the activities of JP. She also has connections with Neo Shadaloo and takes the Avatar to the Ruined Lab as part of their investigation of the organization in the mission given to them by F.A.N.G.

Changpa feels that after the fall of Shadaloo, the only thing she lives for is to serve F.A.N.G and nothing else. She also admits that her combat abilities were lacking for a doll and had hoped her skills in other areas would still give her value to syndicate, much like März and her talents with computers and information gathering.

Issued Equipment and Duties by Rank[]

  • Low-Rank Dolls
    • Equipment: Night Vision Goggles, Psycho Power Amplification Device
    • Duties: Deep cover operations, base security, as the Four Kings order them
  • Mid-Rank Dolls
    • Equipment: Chest Rig, Headset, Psycho Armor (shoulder pads), Psycho Stun Gun, Psycho Grenade
    • Duties: Melee combat, base security, sabotage, as the Four Kings order them
  • High Rank Dolls
    • Equipment: Psycho Armor (shoulder pads)
    • Duties: Melee combat, sabotage, training of the lower rank Dolls, taking leadership in battlefields, as the Four Kings order them


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  • The idea of other female characters becoming dolls themselves (mostly unwillingly) is always a recurring theme in side media. For example in the Universal Fight System card "Reprogrammed" Chun-Li in a doll uniform unconscious in a sort of testing tube. In Street Fighter X Tekken, M. Bison teases turning Sakura herself into a Doll after defeating her, while in Project X Zone 2, Bison desires to have Estellise as one of his Dolls, with Chun-Li and Ken warning Ciel, Nana, and Alisa not to be hit with Bison's Psycho Power brainwashing, lest they want an undesired career change.
  • The name "Dolls" was originally only used for the unit in English localizations of the Street Fighter series, and they were simply referred to as the "Vega Elite Guard" in Japanese. However, starting with the release of Street Fighter V, the group began to be referred to as the "Dolls" in the Japanese version as well.