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"The Medium is the Message" is the eighth episode in the first season of the Street Fighter TV series.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

A Street Fighter tournament is being held in India and Escher sends Guile and the rest of the Street Fighters to compete in order to flush out any Shadaloo agents who might be participating. M. Bison is attending as well, and has a double threat of a plan; use his new mutant combatants to destroy the Street Fighters, and have Balrog create a fake video of the Street Fighters defiling a sacred Hindu temple. Both of Bison's plans fail when Guile saves a captured scientist and performs a Flash Kick on a time bomb.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This episode is notable for producing an internet meme on YouTube (M. Bison's quotes: "This is delicious!" and "YES! YES!").
    • Bison's jubilant shout of "YES! YES!" would later be heard as one of Evil Ryu's first attack banters in Super Street Fighter IV.
    • "This is delicious!", with the exact same intonation as the show's, would be heard in Street Fighter V's Cinematic Story Mode, "A Shadow Falls", when Bison first appears in person, breaking up the argument between Balrog, Vega and F.A.N.G ("My generals are all killing each other? This is delicious entertainment!").
  • This episode has several character cameos from the Final Fight series (in the crowd scenes) and the first Street Fighter Alpha game (as other participants in the tournament); of the latter, only Adon would not have a larger part or reappear in a future episode.

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