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StreetFighter EP02

The Strongest Woman in the World is the second episode in the first season of the Street Fighter TV series.


M. Bison takes control of a nuclear power plant in China, which is coincidentally situated near Chun-Li's own birthplace which Bison had destroyed years prior. Guile assembles Blanka and Chun-Li for the mission to stop Bison, with Cammy providing aerial support. However, Chun-Li is only focused on getting her revenge against Bison for destroying her village and killing her beloved father in front of her, and doesn't care if the power plant gets destroyed. Eventually, Guile's scolding gets through to her and she lets Bison escape so that innocent people won't get harmed.


  • One of the robots (seen in gallery) would serve as a direct inspiration for Hell 3000, a remotely controlled combat mech in the Shadaloo C.R.I. character profile section.


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