The Thrust Kick is one of Dhalsim's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

All appearances Arcade-Stick-DL+Arcade-Button-MKick

Description Edit


Executed by pressing down-back and Medium Kick, Dhalsim crouches low and extends his leg out toward his opponent.

Tactics Edit

This move gives Dhalsim more versatility when attacking low. Originally, all of Dhalsim's crouching kicks were all sliding attacks. While it gives him low profile for ducking underneath projectiles, all of his sliding attacks leaves Dhalsim unsafe on block and on hit (unless sweep hits which leads to a knockdown.) With this added move to Dhalsim's arsenal, he has a better tool to attack low without the fear of being unsafe on block. Also, this move can be cancelled into his special attacks.



  • This move is to not be confused with Cammy's Thrust Kick, which is more commonly known as Cannon Spike.
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