Thunderfoot village in Super Street Fighter IV.

Thunderfoot (サンダーフット族?) is a tribe from Mexico that was forced off their land by Shadaloo. Some of the Thunderfoot members resisted and fought against them, and many were killed, including their leader, Arroyo Hawk, who was murdered by M. Bison.[1] Now living in Mexico near the Monte Albán plains, Arroyo's son, T. Hawk, wants nothing more than revenge from Bison for his despicable actions and to reclaim the land that was taken from his people. The Thunderfoot tribe had also experienced disappearances of many of their people, and T. Hawk took the responsibility of finding them.

After the events from the Street Fighter Alpha series, T. Hawk began rebuilding the village. While yet to reach its former glory, many people are living happily in the village at the time of the Street Fighter IV series, and the village elder suggests T. Hawk to become their chief, but he believes he won't be worth until he can rescue Juli.

Known membersEdit

Arroyo HawkEdit

Arroyo Hawk (アロイオ・ホーク Aroio Hōku?) is the leader of the Thunderfoot tribe and T. Hawk's father. He was killed by M. Bison while attempting to protect his home land.

T. HawkEdit

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Thunder Hawk (サンダー・ホーク Sandā Hōku?) is Arroyo Hawk's son.


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Julia is T. Hawk's beloved one, who became Juli, one of M. Bison's brainwashed assassins known as the Dolls.


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Noembelu is other member from the tribe that was captured by Shadaloo and became a member of the Dolls.



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