Tiger Assault is Sagat's second V-Trigger in Street Fighter V.

Tiger Assault
Tiger Spike Arcade-Button-HPunch+Arcade-Button-HKick
Tiger Rush Arcade-Stick-Right+Arcade-Button-HPunch+Arcade-Button-HKick



Executed by pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously, Sagat powers himself up as his legs are infused with burning ki energy. While this V-Trigger is active, Sagat gain access to two new special attacks that are exclusive to Tiger Assault.

  • Tiger Spike: By pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously during this V-Trigger, Sagat performs the Tiger Spike. He delivers a spinning roundhouse kick that causes a knockdown. By holding Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick, Sagat can charge the Tiger Spike to cause a guard break on block.
  • Tiger Rush: By pressing forward plus Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously during this V-Trigger, Sagat performs the Tiger Rush. He delivers a forward knee strike to his opponent. If the initial attack hits, it launches his opponent in the air, allowing him to follow-up with a spinning roundhouse kick with the opposite leg.


While Sagat's first V-Trigger enhances his zoning game, Tiger Assault improves his offensive pressure. Both the Tiger Spike and Tiger Rush can be cancelled from most of Sagat's normals or his Step High Kick. These attacks also result in a knockdown on hit and can be cancelled into his Critical Art. However, both moves are unsafe on block.


Tiger Rush serves as a combo extender. It has a 13-frame startup, making it just as fast as his Tiger Shot and Tiger Knee. Sagat can confirm this move from all of his normals, including Light attacks. Even though it is -6 on block, it inflicts respectable damage and stun. Tiger Rush also put his opponent in a juggle state, allowing him to end the combo with a charged Tiger Spike.

Tiger Spike is the most versatile attack that is exclusive to his second V-Trigger. Despite having a slightly longer startup than Tiger Rush, it deals more damage. Additionally, Sagat gains one-hit of armor during the startup frames of this attack. If his opponent tries to interrupt this move, Sagat can power through their attack and retaliate with his own move that results in a knockdown.

By holding Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick, Sagat can charge up Tiger Spike to change and enhance the move's properties. Charging this attack for at least 24 juggles the opponent on hit. Sagat can then link into his Tiger Uppercut for optimal damage. In addition, Sagat's one-hit of armor lasts until Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick are released, meaning that he can power through his opponent's attack during the active frames of this move.

To fully charge the Tiger Spike, the Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick buttons must be held for a total of 50 frames. While this give his opponent a lot of time to interrupt this attack, it inflicts more damage than the aforementioned versions. It also puts the opponent in a juggle state on hit. However, what makes the fully charged version of Tiger Spike is that it causes a Guard Break on block, giving him tremendous frame advantage. While causing a Guard Break scales the damage output during Sagat's next combo, it is a reliable option on his opponent's wake-up.

Trivia Edit

  • The activate animation of Sagat's Tiger Assault is a loose adaptation from one of the WaiKruu movement (ไหว้ครู - Greetings/Honoring Teachers: A Muay Thai ceremonial dance). Specifically, it is a 'sitting' variation of the ending dance designed to pay respect towards the land or the symbol of the land, ie; the king or the landowner(who owns the place or organized the fighting in the ancient time). An interesting note that, during the introductory animation between Sagat and Adon in some games. Adon can be seen performing the same dance, only in a quick 'standing' variation and on a starting part of the ritual. Adon's part was meant for honoring his teachers however.


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