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Tiger Claw is a new move for Sagat in the OMEGA Mode for Ultra Street Fighter IV.

All appearances Quarter-circle backwards + Kick


Executed by performing a quarter-circle back motion and pressing kick, Sagat strikes with crouching kick followed by either a low, medium, or high kick depending on the strength. The EX version has Sagat perform Tiger Raid, striking with all three kicks before finishing off with a flaming kick.


Tiger Claw serves as one of Sagat's strongest tools in OMEGA Mode, having the highest damage and farthest range of all of his special moves. Each strength of Tiger Claw can combo from the corresponding strength of the normal attack (Light Punch to Light Tiger Claw). Though the Medium and Heavy versions do the same damage and super cancel on the second hit, Heavy Tiger Claw can FADC into a Step High Kick juggle to Tiger Destruction. Sagat can also FADC the first hit for a damage optimal conversion that leaves him closer than a Tiger Shot FADC.

The EX version of Tiger Claw costs two bars and is unsafe. However, it combos from lights, deals more damage than Sagat's normal FADC conversions, and combos properly from a juggle state.