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"Let's see you beat this! Rrrrrraahhhhhh...! Tiger... Rampage! (答えて見せろ! らー...! タイガー... ランペイジ! Kotaete misero! Ra~...! Taigā... Ranpeiji!?)"

Tiger Rampage (タイガーランペイジ Taigā Ranpeiji?) is Sagat's Critical Art in Street Fighter V.

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Sagat uppercutting Cammy at the end of Tiger Rampage.

Executed by performing two quarter-circle forward motions and pressing kick, Sagat performs a Tiger Knee toward his opponent. If the initial attack connects, Sagat delivers two roundhouse kicks to his opponent's head before delivering an elbow to their face, causing the stunned opponent to spin around twice. Sagat then launches his opponent in the air with an upward elbow strike. Sagat winds his fist and charges it with fire before delivering a devastating Tiger Uppercut, while shouting the move’s name. Upon hitting the opponent with the uppercut, a tiger roars in the background.


Sagat stunning Cammy with a huge elbow during Tiger Rampage.

Like most Critical Arts, this move is used to end combos to deal large amounts of damage to the opponent. The Tiger Rampage can be canceled from Sagat's special moves such as Tiger Shot and Tiger Uppercut. Sagat is also projectile invincible during this move. If the opponent is constantly keeping Sagat from a distance with fireballs, he can use this move to go through the projectiles and deal massive damage at the same time. It requires a quick read, but it can surprise his opponent.

The range of this move is similar to Sagat's Medium version of Tiger Knee. It doesn't hit fullscreen, which means he needs to be at a certain distance in order for this move to connect with his opponent. After hitting the opponent with Tiger Rampage, Sagat will have enough space to continue zoning through a barrage of fireballs.