Artwork of Sagat performing the Tiger Uppercut.

The Tiger Uppercut (タイガーアッパーカット Taigaa Appaakatto?), also known as the Tiger Blow in the Street Fighter Alpha series and the EX series, is one of Sagat's signature special attacks. This move also exists in Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game.[1]

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Sagat using Tiger Uppercut, powered up by Angry Charge, in Street Fighter V.

Executed similarly to a Shoryuken, both in input and execution, Sagat jumps into the air and turns his body while hitting his opponent with a rising uppercut - although with the opposite knee raised - followed by a backwards somersault at the apex of his jump to land back on the ground. In the Street Fighter Alpha series and the EX series, the move instead is done as the Tiger Blow, where it hits multiple times, as well as having a different recovery animation where Sagat spirals in a turn instead (like the Shoryuken itself).

Version Effect
Arcade-Button-LPunch Has short range jump.
Arcade-Button-MPunch Longer than the light version.
Arcade-Button-HPunch Longer than the medium version and hits 5 times.
Arcade-Button-2xPunch Essentially a "revamped" Tiger Blow; it has a slightly wider hitbox, smaller startup time, hits multiple times, and finishes with the spiral turn at the apex of the jump just like Ryu's and Ken's Shoryuken. It can also be used to combo into the Tiger Destruction. In Street Fighter V, Sagat turns his body in a spiral motion during the punch itself and sommersaults at the apex before falling back to earth.

Also notable is that in the Alpha games (specifically Alpha 3), selecting Sagat with the X-ISM gauge has him use the traditional Tiger Uppercut instead, having being based on his original II incarnation like with many of the other SFII veterans. In the Game Boy Advance version, Sagat says "Tiger-Tiger Blow!" as he lands a Tiger Uppercut, most likely due to limited voice clip capacity.


SFA2-Sagat Ending-3

Sagat using Tiger Blow.

When Sagat was scarred by Ryu's Metsu Shoryuken during the events of the first World Warrior Tournament, he decided to create a similar move for himself, possessing the Tiger Blow in the Street Fighter Alpha series and perfecting it by the time of the second World Warrior Tournament. He has been seen practicing the move on a waterfall.



Sagat delivering a Tiger Uppercut to Cammy.

In the games, it can act as an anti-air attack, combo ender, or as a close-range punish, similar to the Shoryuken. However, it does not have the same priority, and a well-placed normal attack can stop the move due to it's less overall invincibility. Tiger Uppercut also requires very close range, unless the opponent is in the air already. As with the Shoryuken, whiffing or having the move blocked leaves Sagat vulnerable as he falls.

It should also be noted that Tiger Uppercut tends to have more start up frames than Shoryuken, Shoryuken and it's variants tend to start up in 3 frames while Tiger Uppercut starts up in 4 (while his EX occasionally gets a 3 frame startup). This makes Tiger Uppercut more vulnerable to Safe Jumps than it's counterpart.

In the Street Fighter II series, the move did massive damage as did his Tiger Shot, making Sagat a very dangerous opponent in those games, as he was able to (and still can) zone very effectively by hitting his opponent with a Tiger Uppercut should they decide to jump over his Tiger Shots.


  • In Resident Evil 5, Albert Wesker possesses a move with the same name with he does a jaw-aimed palmstrike upwards; only in Japanese media it is known instead as the Shoukou Shouda (昇甲掌打? "Rising Shell Palm Strike"). In Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, this acts as his standing S in terms of animation, but is also the name of one of his special moves (where only the L version uses the actual animation that the S version uses as well).
  • Keeping in with his tiger motif, the motion of the attack is akin to a tiger rising up in the air with one its paws reaching upward; Sagat also instead somersaults backward akin to a tiger's flip as opposed to the usual spiraling recovery motion at the apex of his jump.
  • In the Seba Games Dev beat 'em up game Fight'n Rage, one of Ricardo's special moves, Tauro Uppercut, resembles the Tiger Uppercut, except that Ricardo himself hides his left forearm in front of his chest rather than having his left forearm raised near his head.
  • The World Warrior incarnation of Tiger Uppercut may have been the prototype for the future Crush Counter mechanic, as in this version while it did do more damage than the playable version of the Champion Edition Sagat, if Sagat was hit in any point of the attack, even recovery, he would take double damage. Similarly to how in the later game Sagat (or most Invincible Reversals) would be counter hit if hit at any stage of the attack.

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