The following is a description of the Street Fighter timeline, as depicted in the series.

The main games' timeline Edit

The timeline of the main Street Fighter games goes in this chronological order:

Ancient History Edit

Beginning of Time/Genesis:


  • A group of humanity's then elite, comprised of the smartest and strongest of mankind of their region, form the Secret Society.

B.C. Edit

  • c.20th century BCE – Murals in tomb 15 at Beni Hasan, depicting wrestling techniques.
  • c.18th century BCE – the Babylonian Gilgamesh epic includes the major hand-held weapons (sword, axe, bow and spear) used prior to the gunpowder era.
  • 8th century BCE – Roughly the start of Greek Olympic Competition. Through the popularity of the Olympics, martial arts like boxing, wrestling, and pankration flourished.
  • 8th century BCE – Homer's Iliad describes many scenes of hand-to-hand combat in detail.
  • 6th century BCE – Ten styles of Śastravidyā said to have been created around north India and combined in Takshashila, present-day Pakistan.
  • 6th century BCE - Siddartha Gautama is born as a high royal figure and a member of the Kshatriya warrior caste of the Shakya clan in India. Learning of the human condition, he would leave behind his former life to understand how to transcend the mortal world and end the cycle of suffering through spiritual pilgrimage. Upon attaining enlightenment, he would become the legendary figure known as the Buddha. His teachings would later spread throughout East and Central Asia.
  • 6th century BCE - Arhat Buddhist Bodhidharma travels from his home region of Central Asia to China to spread the teachings of Buddhism. His teachings would become known as Chan Buddhism and later Zen Buddhism, being the spiritual foundations for the Shaolin Monastery and the samurai caste of Japan.
  • c.4th century BCE – Indian epic poetry and the Vedas give the earliest written mention of South Asian martial arts. Boxing, wrestling, swordsmanship, archery, and the use of numerous weapons are all described in detail.[1][2]
  • 264 BCE – First recorded gladiatorial combat staged in Rome during the funeral of Junius Brutus.

A.D. Edit

  • 12th Century AD - Taira no Kiyomori begins the earliest examples of the shogunate military oligarchy of Japan, paving wider expanses for greater social and political influence through the samurai warrior caste upon the miraculous victories over the Mongol Invasions of Japan and the establishment of the Kamakura Shogunate.
  • 12th Century AD - Daoist Zhang Sanfeng is born, who would later become the pioneer of neijia or internal martial arts, focusing on understanding the dynamics of qi and the natural movement of the human body.
  • 15th Century AD - The Sengoku Jidai period begins in Japan, leading to 148 years of extreme warfare that would help flourish many later schools of classical Japanese martial arts in the future.

Modern Day History Edit

1900 Edit

1910 Edit

1920 Edit

  • March 10, 1921; Gen is born

1930 Edit

1940 Edit

1950 Edit

  • November 22, 1952; Dhalsim is born
  • April 17, 1954; M. Bison is born
  • July 2, 1955; Sagat is born
  • June 1, 1956; Zangief is born.
  • July 21, 1959; T. Hawk is born

1960 Edit

  • November 3,1960; E. Honda is born
  • December 23,1960; Guile is born
  • July 21,1964; Ryu is born
  • February 14,1965; Ken is born
  • October 31,1965; Dee Jay is born
  • February 12, 1966; Blanka is born
  • January 27, 1967; Vega/Balrog is born
  • July 3, 1967; Rose is born
  • March 1,1968; Chun-Li is born
  • September 4, 1968; Balrog/M. Bison is born
  • April 23, 1969; Fei Long is Born

1970 Edit

  • January 6,1974; Cammy White is Born

1980 Edit

  • in 1987,the World Warrior Tournament has begun and fighters from around the world to fight for title of "Champion".
  • in 1989,
  • December 6, 1980; Ibuki is born
  • March 15, 1981; Sakura is born

1990 Edit

  • in 1991,M.Bison and Shadaloo host the World Warrior Tournament in Thailand.

2000 Edit


Series release timeline (Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection)Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Street Fighter EX games takes place in an alternate timeline and is not canon to the main series.
  • To date, no Street Fighter game has been a direct sequel of a game that is numbered before it.
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