Titanic Tim, known as Titan the Great (タイタン・ザ・グレート Taitan za Gurēto?) in Japan, is a character from the Slam Masters series of wrestling games.



Titanic Tim is the largest and heaviest wrestler of the CWA. Weighing over 5 kg at birth, by the time he graduated from elementary school, he was over 6'3". He started wrestling as a means to fully utilize his body. According to his American bio, he hates small people and is typically mistaken for a disco reject. His unique attack skill is the neck chokehold. He is also a good friend to fellow CWA wrestler El Stingray and that the two of them often work together as a tag team known as the "Deadly Brothers". Victor Ortega is Tim's childhood idol and the one who had helped inspired and motivated Tim himself to pursue and take up a career in pro wrestling.

Birdie and Tim were once best friends and rivals in pro wrestling, even at one time forming a tag team called the "500 Trillion Powers". However, Birdie had soon left the pro wrestling world in order to pursue his personal endeavors outside of it, leaving Tim to embark on a solo wrestling career of his own in the CWA.


It's quite very possible that Titanic Tim is based on and inspired by past huge wrestlers such as the late Giant Baba and the late Giant González.



Slammasters2 tim stand-anim.gif Slammasters2 tim stand-anim pal2.gif


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