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The Tokoshizume is one of E. Honda's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter IV.

All appearances Arcade-Button-MPunch.png>Arcade Stick DR.png+Arcade-Button-HKick.png


Executed by pressing Medium Punch, followed by down-forward and Heavy Kick, E. Honda begins the combination with a palm strike to his opponent's chest. If the initial hit connects, then he follows up with a sumo stomp.


This is one of E. Honda's target combos. In Street Fighter IV, this combo isn't supposed to link into one another. However, the final hit is an overhead attack. If E. Honda catches his opponent off-guard, he can sneak in the overhead stomp to score some good damage. In Street Fighter V, however, the two attacks of this target combo do link into each other. While the second hit is not an overhead, E. Honda can cancel the stomp into his V-Triggers or into any of his special attacks, as long as it's in between the 12th frame and the actual attack.