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Tom (トム?) is a character in the Street Fighter series who first appeared in Street Fighter III: New Generation. He is Alex's trainer and Patricia's father.

Biography Edit

Appearance and conceptEdit

Tom's original appearance resembles the French actor Jean Reno, and possibly inspired from films portraying him as martially skilled figures, his most famous being that of his breakthrough film Léon: The Professional.


Tom is a veteran soldier whose fighting style is a mix of martial arts and military skills. Despite being a skilled soldier, he was forced to retire from the military after a "certain incident" whose details are unknown. Afterwards, he opened a training gym in New York.[1] Regarding fellow servicemen Guile and Charlie, he has heard the two mentioned in his career, particularly the latter when it came to internal incidents.

Tom was a good friend of Alex's father, and when Alex's parents died, Tom took care of him. Seeing that Alex had talent for martial arts, Tom decided to train him. Alex trains daily at Tom's gym, and learned everything he knows about fighting from Tom. Tom is also good friends with a few his regulars who attend the gym.

Street Fighter V Edit

Tom is mentioned by Patricia in Alex's character story, informing Alex about her father's invitation.

Street Fighter III series Edit

Gill had seriously injured Tom in a fight, and Alex decides to enter the fourth World Warrior tournament to avenge him. Even though Tom had told Alex that Gill had won fairly, Tom allowed Alex to go, letting him make his own decisions. After defeating Gill, Alex went home to find Tom recovered.

Other appearancesEdit

Tom appears in Alex's ending from Capcom Fighting Evolution.


  • Urien seems to have a connection to Tom; when Alex asks if Urien knew someone named Tom, Urien becomes upset and demands that name to never be mentioned again.



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