Toxic Glamor is Poison's second V-Trigger in Street Fighter V.

Toxic Glamor
Toxic Hold Arcade-Button-HPunch.png+Arcade-Button-HKick.png
Toxic Bind Arcade-Stick-Right.png+Arcade-Button-HPunch.png+Arcade-Button-HKick.png

Description[edit | edit source]

Executed by pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously, Poison's eye shines with appeal as she gains access to two command grabs that are only exclusive to this V-Trigger.

Poison kicking Cammy's in the stomach using Toxic Hold.

  • Toxic Hold: By pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick while this V-Trigger is active, Poison attempts to ensnare her opponent up close with her whip. If they are in range, she wraps her whip around her opponent's body and delivers a side kick to their midsection, forcing them to bend over. Poison then places her kicking leg on their back and vaults over them. As she leaps over them, Poison uses her whip and momentum to hoist her opponent off of their feet and throw them over, causing them to crash back-first on the ground. Upon completing the move, Poison strikes an arrogant pose before dropping back to her stance.

Poison tossing Cammy aside using Toxic Bind.

  • Toxic Bind: By pressing forward, plus Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick while this V-Trigger is active, Poison attempts to grab her opponent by extending her whip toward them. If they are within range, she wraps the whip around her opponent's body. With both hands on the whip, she pulls her opponent off their feet and brings them closer to her. Poison then steps over and rotates her trunk to swing her opponent around herself and tosses them back across the stage, causing them to land face-first on the ground. Upon completing the move, Poison arrogantly waves at her downed opponent before dropping back to her stance.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Like her first V-Trigger, Toxic Glamor is 2-bars, meaning that Poison doesn't have to sacrifice a substantial amount of health to obtain this move. It is also possible for Poison to use her second V-Trigger twice in one round. In addition, having a 2-bar V-Trigger means she can use her V-Reversal a couple of times and still build enough meter to obtain it. However, unlike her first V-Trigger, Toxic Glamor gives Poison a couple of tools that can end combos for optimal damage.

While this V-Trigger is active, Poison can perform her exclusive command grabs at the cost of a third of her V-Gauge. While it is possible she can perform up to three of these throws, her V-Meter drains fairly quickly. In reality, Poison can perform no more than two of her command grabs before her V-Gauge is completely depleted. Both Toxic Hold and Toxic bind can be cancelled from all of her Standing and Crouching normals, as well as some of her special attacks like Shocking Heel and Heart Raid.

Poison snaring and throwing Cammy using Toxic Hold.

Toxic Hold has the shortest reach of the two command grabs. However, it inflicts more stun and damage to her opponent. It also has a 6-frame startup, which is faster than her other command grab. While not as quick as other characters' command throws, Toxic Hold can be used to end combos. It results in a knockdown and creates separation at the end of the move, allowing Poison to continue zoning out her opponent with her long-range normals and special attacks. Because of its limited range, Toxic Hold can be cancelled from her normals or Medium Heart Raid as it brings her opponent closer to her.

Poison swinging Cammy around using Toxic Bind.

Toxic Bind inflicts less damage and stun, compared to the aforementioned command throw. It also has more startup and recovery frames. However, it has a longer range. Poison can hit this move from over halfscreen away. Unfortunately, it does not hit the opponent from point-blank range. Because of its long reach, this is primary attack used to end combos that knocks the opponent back. This means that special moves such as Heavy Avant Line or Shocking Heel now serve as combo extenders, setting Poison to finish her opponent with Toxic Bind. Not only it results in a knockdown, but it also put her opponent at a distance where she can continue zoning them out.

Like most command throws, Toxic Hold and Toxic Bind cannot be blocked. While Toxic Hold has a 6-frame startup, it is not as fast as other characters' command grabs. If either of these moves whiff, it has a lot of recovery frames. Her opponent can not only avoid the command throws with a neutral jump, but it also puts them in position to inflict a high damaging, jump-in combo.

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