Training Mode is a feature first introduced in the home versions of the Street Fighter Alpha series, and appeared in most Street Fighter games after. This mode is also common in most other fighting games.
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In Training Mode, options are available to see game play elements such as Inputs and damage scaling that can be triggered on and off among other game play elements.


Training Mode is simply an opportunity to practice combos on a dummy that is not kept as a record anywhere. Players can practice and figure out combos, Super Combos, special attacks, etc., without the worry of a time limit or counterattack. The dummy can be set to either stand, crouch and jump repeatedly.

In addition to being able to set the dummy to never block or always block, the dummy can be set to auto block. With the dummy set to auto block, after being hit with the first hit, they will try to block consecutive hits if they are allowed to exit hitstun. This is a good way to see if combos will actually combo and to practice combos. Also, the dummy can be set to random block to help your reactions and help you to hit confirm.

The stage it is on varies per appearance. In the Street Fighter Alpha, where it first debuted, the stage was the "home stage" of player one. In Street Fighter Alpha 2, it was reversed, where the CPU character's stage was chosen. In Street Fighter IV series, it was a large white room.


In Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection only 4 out of all games have a training mode.


Based on SFA/SAF2

Players can fix:

  • Change how the dummy acts, though cannot fully control them.
  • Change the game speed to NORMAL, TURBO1, and TURBO2 (inaccessible normally) in the mode.
  • Change how much of their Super Combo Gauge or other gauges start off with.
  • Button configuration.

Players can change the mode to:

  • Normal Mode, where the dummy has unlimited health.
  • Recording mode, where the dummy does have a regular functioning health bar (still blocks, though doesn't attack).
    • Replay Mode, only accessible after Recording Mode. It allows the dummy to perform their previous recording.
  • Character Change.

Online TrainingEdit

Online Training is a mode first introduced in Street Fighter × Tekken. As the name suggest, it allows for players to train together online. It also appears in Ultra Street Fighter IV.


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