The Tropical Hazard is one of Blanka's Super Combos, appearing only in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and exclusively to his A-ISM Super Combo Gauge.

All appearances Charge down-backwardDelta motion + Kick (Tap rapidly Punch or Kick to drop fruits)

Description[edit | edit source]

Blanka's Level 3 Tropical Hazarad against E. Honda's Level 3 Fuji Drop in Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Executed by charging down-backward then performing a "delta motion" (down-forward, down-backward and up-forward) and pressing kick, Blanka jumps, clings himself to the "ceiling" of the stage and starts shaking the scenery furiously. If punch or kick buttons are tapped rapidly, Blanka will cause fruits, mostly watermelons, to fall vertically from random points in the "ceiling" (which can hit the opponent for extra damage). After a few seconds, Blanka launches himself towards the opponent in an alternate trajectory of his Rolling Attack, which hits multiple times for great damage.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

This move comes out very slow, but can do a good deal of chip damage. Afterwards, Blanka can hit any fruit that is left on the ground towards the opponent to hit him/her for a final deal of damage. This Super Combo does good damage, but does not connect often because of its slow speed. Also, unlike the Ground Shave Roll, the roll occurs spontaneously after a certain time limit elapses and thus cannot be anticipated or delayed at the player's will.

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