Ibuki using Tsumuji

The Tsumuji (? "Whirl") is one of Ibuki's special attacks, introduced along with her in the Street Fighter III series.

All appearances Arcade Stick QCB+Arcade Button Kick (followup with Arcade Button Kick; Arcade Button Kick or Arcade-Stick-Down+Arcade Button Kick on third kick)


Ibuki tsu Xiaoyu small

Ibuki Hits Xiaoyu with the LK Version.

Executed by performing a quarter-circle backward motion and pressing kick, Ibuki performs two spinning heel kicks in quick succession. The speed and damage are determined by the kick button pressed: light kick version inflicts the most damage and executes the quickest; medium kick version is second quickest and inflicts the least damage; and heavy kick version is the slowest and inflicts the second most damage.

The EX Special version always kicks four times, and the last three can alternate between high and low depending on whether the player is holding downwards during the respective kick.

This attack was removed in Street Fighter V.


The apparent imbalance in favor of the light kick version is counterbalanced by the fact that the medium and heavy kick versions can followup with a third kick if kick is pressed again. This third kick is the same as the others, except that it can be low if the player holds downwards at the same time.

Tsumuji's options can be used to generally create guessing games for the opponent, reducing their chances of evading or blocking correctly.

Street Fighter IV Edit

Each version has their own purposes. The light version is Ibuki's standard block string ender, care has to be taken as it is -4 on block meaning opponents can punish it, as such it is recommended when used as a blockstring ender for the Ibuki player to use Spin Kick at the limit of the attack's range as Tsumuji does move Ibuki herself closer to the opponent while Spin Kick doesn't compared to other options such as Medium Kick so canceling off that attack can make Ibuki be punishable much easier.

The medium kick and hard kick versions both can be followed up with a standing or crouching finisher. Usually Ibuki benefits so much from the knockdown in this game that the standing variant is usually considered obsolete. The Medium Kick version has faster startup than the hard one and as the followup is more important than the damage Tsumuji itself provides the medium kick version tends to be favored. Care has to be taken when used in blockstrings as both the medium and hard kick versions are not true Block Strings when canceled into meaning an opponent can interrupt the sequence with an invincible reversal, the followup after the first two hits is also an untrue blockstring.

The EX version is generally not too useful. Ibuki's standard comboes allow her to combo into her medium kick just fine and the faster startup from this version generally only benefits her lighter attacks such as Spin Kick or her crouching jab. One of the few times Ibuki players would use this is in Corner Comboes where after the sequence Ibuki players can tack on a Raida or Kazekiri. With the Ultra update Ibuki players can tack on a bit more damage (at the cost of their ultra meter) by using Hashinsho's non cinematic hit frames or Yoroitoshi's projectile secondary hits after an EX Tsumuji in the corner.

Street Fighter X Tekken Edit

As knockdowns are not too important in this game due to the Roll mechanics and the knockdown time of Ibuki's attacks being brought down Tsumuji is generally more important than Neckbreaker in this game. The light kick version is generally the same as the IV incarnation except it is -3 in this game on block, meaning a good amount of the cast (and most top tiers) can not punish Ibuki for ending strings with it. A different thing to note is that the standing followup of the medium, hard, as well as the final hit of the EX standing finisher launch Ibuki's opponent in a juggle state.

In general the startup of each version of Tsumuji has been adjusted in that the attack will only combo on hit if it was canceled with an attack of the same strength. The LK version will connect from a light attack up the medium will connect from a medium attack up and the hard version will only connect off a hard attack.

Tsumuji is generally outclassed by Target Combo 6 as it's sequence generally does more damage. However it can have it's own benefits. In the corner similarly to the EX IV incarnation Ibuki can tack on a Raida or due to it's changed mechanics a full Yoroitoshi. When trying to max out damage Ibuki players should be aware the final hit of Tsumuji's medium and hard finisher adds 1 point to the Damage Scaling chart. The hard kick version in the corner allows Ibuki to do a full juggle combo, usually started by Spin Kick and using Target Combo 9's unusually high juggle air time when ended in the medium kick stage Ibuki can hit her opponent with the manual launcher to get her partner in for no meter cost. All non meter versions are generally a poor choice to Switch Cancel.

The EX incarnation is useful in it's own ways. It is Ibuki's most positive blockstring ender at +4 on block. However due to the long sequence it leaves Ibuki vulnerable to Cross Cancels. Ibuki players should train themselves to recognize the flashing animation when the opponent activates their Cross Cancel to Switch Cancel and Ibuki's partner can punish the opponent in their recovery. This can be easier on characters like Ling Xiaoyu and Kuma with slower activations but harder on faster activation such as Hwoarang and Ken.

Ibuki can Dash to connect with a Raida after Ibuki successfully connects with the standing finisher at any position in the stage. This is a little range dependent so canceling off her medium kick can help a lot. In the corner this attack gives more juggle time than her hard kick version and doesn't take an extra juggle point. This attack is probably Ibuki's best switch cancel (at the expense of two meters) since the final hit is automatic Ibuki will do the whole standing finisher sequence even if she is not the one being controlled, on hit the ally can continue a juggle and on block her partner will be protected fully while Ibuki is finishing her sequence and even gets a little time where the opponent can not perform actions.


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