The Tsurane Harite is one of E. Honda's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Button-LPunch>Arcade-Button-MPunch

Description Edit

Executed by pressing Light Punch, and then Medium Punch, E. Honda first delivers a quick, palm thrust to the opponent's head. If the initial attack hits, E. Honda finishes the second palm thrust to the midsection.

Tactics Edit

This is one of E. Honda's target combos from close range. It does slightly less damage than his other target combo. However, it results in a knockdown if the second attack hits. It launches the opponent in the air, allowing E. Honda to cancel into his special attacks, such as Sumo Headbutt, Hundred Hand Slap, or his V-Skill. By cancelling the second hit into his V-Skill, he then performs the Hirate target combo. However, this is E. Honda's most punishable target combo. It is -6 on block. Even though both attacks has decent pushback, some characters can punish him from a distance.


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