The Turn Punch (ターンパンチ Taan Panchi?) Also known in some games as "Turn Around Punch" (TAP) is one of Balrog's special attacks, introduced along with him in the Street Fighter II series.

Input (all appearances)
Normal Punch hold Arcade Button Punch x3 or Arcade Button Kick x3 for 2 seconds and then release
Alternate Arcade Stick CB+Punch hold Arcade Button Punch x3 or Arcade Button Kick x3 for 2 seconds and then release
Street Fighter V Punch hold Arcade-Button-2xPunch or Arcade Button 2xKick or Arcade Button Punch+Arcade Button Kick for 2 seconds and then release



Executed by holding down on all punch or kick buttons for at least two seconds - in some games, after charging back [1] - and releasing, Balrog turns his back to the opponent for a quick moment, then brings his arm back, charging, and thrusts forward quickly with a straight punch, complete with an accompanying "rush of wind" background sound effect. In some games, at the punch moment, Balrog shouts a number which equals to the "power level" of the move (a charge system based on the amount of seconds the player holds the buttons in order to power-up the attack).

In Street Fighter V, the move can be performed by holding down at least two punch or kick buttons (or one punch and kick button) for at least two seconds. On release, Balrog turns away from his opponent for a brief moment, before spinning and delivering a devastating downward hook, complete with an accompanying "rush of wind" background sound effect.



Balrog using Turn Punch against Ling Xiaoyu in Street Fighter X Tekken.

While it is fairly slow and predictable, it does a great amount of damage depending on how long the punch/kick buttons are held down, with the damage capping at 60 seconds[2], at which point its damage exceeds that of most Ultra Combos. This move is best used against a foe that is dizzy.

In some games, such as Street Fighter II, Balrog can use this move twice by holding all three punch buttons and kick buttons, then letting go of each set in turn. In other games, such as Street Fighter Alpha 3 and the Street Fighter IV series, Balrog's back-turning animation allows him to completely dodge both physical and projectile attacks if timed correctly.

The strength of the punch/kick button pressed does not change the properties of this move. However, the duration of whatever buttons are held determines the damage and frame advantage on block. The longer the buttons are held, the more damage this move inflicts and more plus Balrog will be on block. Additionally, Turn Punch on levels 1-3 keep his opponent standing on hit, while levels 4-10 result in a knockdown. Meanwhile, a fully charged Turn Punch not only results in the most damage, but it also causes his opponent to bounce off of the wall.

Turn Punch
Levels Charge Time (seconds) Damage
1 0.5 80
2 2 100
3 4 120
4 8 160
5 16 200
6 24 240
7 32 300
8 40 360
9 48 420
10 56 500

The risk of using this move is that Balrog limits his options depending buttons are held to charge up this move. For example, if either Light Punch or Light Kick is held to charge up Turn Punch, then Balrog may not be able to perform tech throws or perform any Light hit confirms. It's important to know which buttons are being held for this move so players can identify what tools they can or cannot use.



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