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The Turning Slicer is one of Seth's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

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Executed by pressing down-forward and Heavy Kick, Seth delivers a low, spinning heel kick.



This move has a 23-frame startup, which is the same as his overhead. While it can potentially be interrupted with a faster normal, this attack hits low on the opponent. He can catch his opponent off-guard with this move. It is also +4 on hit, allowing Seth to link with any Light normal for a follow-up combo. Turning Slicer is -2 on block. However, making contact with the opponent brings them closer to Seth, potentially putting them in range to regain pressure or break through his defenses with throws.

Turning Slicer is also one of Seth's Crush Counter moves. He can use this attack to fish for a Crush Counter hit, putting his opponent in a spinning state and giving him an opportunity to linking into any of his normals or special moves. In addition, cancelling this move from his Step Shoot allows him to perform the Shoot Slicer target combo.