"Take it!"
Ibuki Take It

Ibuki using Uki Yami on Ling Xiaoyu

Uki Yami is Ibuki's backthrow in Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter X Tekken.


Ibuki pulls her opponent's upper body down, then jumps off their back using a handstand. Ibuki then adjust herself and kicks her opponent in the back of the head as they are recovering. This attack was replaced with a Neck Breaker variation in the Street Fighter V series.


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Ibuki stopping evil by kicking M. Bison in the back of the neck with Uki Yami in Street Fighter IV.

While this grab does not have the positioning advantage as Yamikazura it does move the opponent a good horizontal distance. Players can get the opponent in the corner and execute more damaging combos.

In Street Fighter X Tekken Ibuki's forward dash synnergizes very well with this attack, as if this is used in the corner against an opponent, if Ibuki dashes once immediately afterwards the player can see if the opponent rolled and throw them back with Uki Yami to reset the situation and if they didn't Ibuki can dash again and still be at frame advantage.

Trivia Edit

  • In Rumble Roses XX for the Xbox 360, another kunoichi character "Benikage" can be seen doing a maneuver very similar to Uki Yami during her tag entrance with Anesthesia.
  • Against smaller characters such as Xiaoyu in X Tekken or Cammy in USFIV, Ibuki can be seen actually kicking above her opponent's head. In Street Fighter IV, this is usually fixed better, as characters are better adjusted to fit in attacks and camera frames. This can be seen better if Camera Mods are used (in instances such as Necalli's win screen comparing Ibuki herself to Abigail as an example).


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