"For Mother Russia! Ultimate! Atomic! HOIYA! Buster! (祖国のために! アルティメーット! アトミィーック! ブァスターーー! Sokoku no tame ni! Arutimeetto! Atomiiikku! HOOOORYAAA! Baasutaaaa!?)"

The Ultimate Atomic Buster (アルティメットアトミックバスター Arutimetto Atomikku Basutaa?) is Zangief's first Ultra Combo in the Street Fighter IV series. It is a more powerful variation of his Super Combo, Final Atomic Buster.

All appearances Arcade Stick 360Arcade Stick 360 + Arcade Button Punch x3
Zangief 520



Zangief breaking Ibuki's back with his ultra

Executed by performing two full-circle motions in either direction and pressing all 3 punch buttons, Zangief spreads out his arms, attempting to grab the opponent; if successful, Zangief goes behind the opponent and lands a German Suplex. He then lifts the opponent above his head and performs a reverse backbreaker on them. Zangief then flings the opponent in the air and jumps up to grab them and finish them with a devastating Spinning Piledriver.

Even after several revisions since Street Fighter IV's initial release in 2008, the Ultimate Atomic Buster remains the second most damaging move in the game without hit-specific requirements. Denjin Hadoken, Tenchi Sokaigen and Oil Coaster can potentially do more damage; however, these all require certain conditions be fulfilled (i.e. fully charging the Denjin Hadoken, landing the Tenchi Sokaigen so that its full animation plays, and oiling up Hakan beforehand, respectively).

Zangief's movements in this Ultra is strikingly similar to his Final Atomic Buster in the Street Fighter EX series, the addition of the back-breaker being the telling characteristic.


The move itself is a grab, so it cannot be blocked; it also comes out instantly after the ultra flash, making it impossible to avoid unless the player is out of reach or is simply not in a grabbable state (i.e. airborne or invincible), making it a great punishing move. In addition, Zangief cannot combo into it; therefore the only way he can hit it is to either follow up after a Focus Attack crumple or catch the opponent by surprise.



Super Street Fighter 4 - Zangief Ultra 1 Ultimate Atomic Buster

Super Street Fighter 4 - Zangief Ultra 1 Ultimate Atomic Buster

Super Street Fighter IV (Japanese voices).